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11/3/2012 c1 ForgotMyPassword
I have always hated that.
Even if you're like me and don't necessarily agree with the homosexual lifestyle, you shouldn't hate someone just because they chose to follow a homosexual lifestyle. It's like hating someone for being a Democrat just because you're a Republican.
1/24/2005 c1 5Horse Divorce
10/7/2004 c5 33Kur'denras
This one's very true. I can't stand the way gay is used as a derogatory term for unrelated things.
10/7/2004 c1 Kur'denras
In the first one (I'll read the others ones in a bit) you have a good concept, about the green eyes and such, and the use of repetition is effective. And I love the phrase "God-damned church." The lack of a rhyme scheme or a definitive rhythm is a bit disconcerting, though.
P.S. check out my poem "Heathen," if you have time.
9/6/2004 c1 7boytoy13
Love it!
8/4/2004 c1 9Mormon Princess 1
Yeah...This poem is good. no flame here!
8/2/2004 c3 2Naomi Schemer
the only problem is that god has to many voices and i think i've never heard he's.
8/2/2004 c2 Naomi Schemer
i just like that one, nothing more to say.
8/2/2004 c1 Naomi Schemer
great song, i can understand it, being sunned for one little diffrent thing, something as love? if there's one thing i cant understand is this. great poem and i like the realation of a noraml barby doll with blue eyes to a hetrosexual person and the barby doll with green eyes as a homosexual person, its a great idea.
7/6/2004 c1 Peiper
I'm a huge conservative, and agree with the republican party on almost everything, but I honestly see no reason to be against it. I agree with you on this.
7/4/2004 c1 The-Mighty-Koshi
Very good. I'd like to say that I think you're right in this. Though I consider myself as a hetero I find that it is really unnecessary and bias for all this singling out of differences. People who choose to be homosexual are no different from anyone else. They are good, moral people and there's nothing wrong with that. I don't really know what goes on in the different churchs or anyother religious establishments but if any of them say that being homosexual is a sin, then they are bigots. Homosexuality has been around since the world began, it's been in our culture for centuries, (the Spartans for example, thought that the love between two men was the highest form of love. They believed that if a soldier and his lover were in the same regiment both would fight harder in battle for eachother)so there is absolutely no point in stopping it. But I'd also like to point out that being homosexual is no reason to hold it in front of you like a shield. I hate people who are like, 'Oh, look at me. I'm homosexual. Don't you feel sorry for me? Don't you want to pity me?' These people should shut up. There is no reason to pity a hetero or a homosexual person just because they are who they are. Pity is not needed. Also I'd like to say that confirming that you're a hetero doesn't mean that you're a bigot or against homosexual people. It means that you have chosen that you want to marry someone of the opposite sex because that's what you feel you are more likely to do. So in short, I would wish that everybody would just get along, though unfortunately there will probably always be bigots in the world . Sorry for the long rant there but I needed to get that out. Nice poems. I hope to see more stuff like this.
5/31/2004 c11 5Minchi
Nice poems! I think they really prove a point. Keep up the good work!
3/19/2004 c3 19embracethedark
I've been reading through your collection of Gay Rights poems, and i love them. I especially liked Forgiven; the hypocrisy of the catholic church first saying that god loves all people and then saying that he doesnt love gays has always amused and saddened me. Keep up the good work!
3/1/2004 c11 Delete Name
I like this poem, although to be perfectly honest, I just reviewed to respond to somebody else review. I'm very sorry.
[Marriage should be between two adults who love one another. It shouldn't be dependent on their genders...]
Aw, but it is, because the American marriage is based of the Christian marriage, and therefore is meant for men and women only.
[Dude, if it were that easy, don't you think they'd have figured it out by now?]
Tell me, has anybody actually tried? No. I see people trying to marry in the Christian way, not make their own way.
[There's so many ignoramuses in this country who think that gay marriage would harm the foundations of the heterosexual nuclear family, and other such crap... *brain hurts*]
Tell me something, please, let's say you made a game that was supposed to played a certain way, and then somebody wanted to play it another way instead of making their own game? Wouldn't that harm the way your game is played? In fact, in a few years, people might even forget _how_ to play your game.
But I guess if you don't care about your game then there's no problem.
And about this poem, Lina. It's beautiful. It has such a wonderful rhythm, and I love it's meaning.
2/18/2004 c11 7BurntFeather
Beautiful. After all, how can someone hate love?
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