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for I Thought I'd Lost You

1/4/2007 c2 siddika
11/18/2003 c16 crossed Ts
hah.I am finally reviewing your sequel. Sorry it took me so long.

I think your poem in chapter 10 was a real appropriate one. Ah, i love lads who are that romantic. All the guys know only know how to be complete insensitive(but highly amusing) cows. Anyways...

Ah, then i could kill Shawn for being a dumb arse. Why did he just run off. I would have snapped his neck if i had the opportunity(and since i couldn't, your main man is safe)...

Oh...sorry but I thought Shawn killed himself and i was like no! I had to kill the bloke for leaving Jennifer! Gr...dumb move...if he had done it that is...do i make sense? I reckon not. But *grin* It does sound kind of funny when my thoughts are written down.

Hah hah. Love the bit when they get lost. I love people getting lost (or am i just a sadist?) To tell you the truth, i reckon it brought a bit of rather appropriate humor into a serious situation. You know like liven up the part a bit. okay. i am sounding odd. if i am blame it on my twisted humor...

I love parks. There's something about parks that win a special place in everyone's hearts[for me i can go there and rollerblad or skateboard without looking like a fool...okay way off topic there]. yeh so i think the park was a nice touch. i am such a fluff filled person.

I swear the blasted bloke should die for putting jennifer...and Amanda through this panic. hell if i were Jennifer i would bring a rock down on his head. i reckon you are glad i am not jennifer.

However all ended well. She finally found the blasted bloke in one piece. Off to the third part as soon as i got spare time...

Oh and just so you won't kill me (not that you would...i hope) I love shawn. Even though i refer to him as the 'blasted bloke' he's got a secure place in my good book. Think of it as my endearment for him. lol. Okay i am probably killing you with my mindless blabber. So i shall remove myself before i shoot off again. bye bye!
10/7/2003 c16 Giggle-Angel
Aw! *sniffle sniffle*
8/15/2003 c16 5cindie
aw... i really wanna know what's next! it rally is a gr8 story! thanx 4 writing a sequel! :) cindy
8/12/2003 c16 georgie
nice ending! i have to read the sequel and talk to u in school tomorrow. too bad we don't hav l.a. together anymore...i can't start spazzing out anymore!
8/12/2003 c15 georgie
well iguess not. the man turned out okay...the story is really good though
8/12/2003 c14 georgie
some thing bad is goign to happen!1 i can feel it! o well, just gotta wait and see.
8/12/2003 c13 georgie
haha i am so right! and i didn't even read this chapter ahead! good build up to the climax...cuz i think the climax will be comin up soon... anyway, back to reading, i still have lots of chapters to go...
8/12/2003 c12 georgie
i feel so stupid cuz i havent been on this website in like a month, and i find out you have finished thiz story! and started a new one! i went on like back to back vacations and i didnt get to go on the internet the WHOLE time, so forgive me for not reviewing and writing the little story...anyway, Daniels back! lol he's in my health class this year how funny is that? and i don't know how your'e coming on with the Tina and AAron story...but i say do a sad ending, cuz you said you lik writing them and it will be funny...and also, is shawn going to go to that tree where they broke up? just a thought. wow, this review is LONG! see ya.
7/22/2003 c16 yinyangqueen
OMG i love this story! first i wanna apologize cuz i;ve been kidna out of it n' all i've been rather busy newayz i just wanted to say! CONTINUE! but make ur chappies longer the susupense is almost unbearable!
7/20/2003 c2 6baybe-gurl
o! im jus sho glad u hav a sequal to I Said I'm Sorry! ur stori iz jus sho kool! iz gonna b wun of mah fav stori. =P hehe, i hav u added as mah fav author too! hopez u would keep writin! *thumbz up* =)
7/17/2003 c16 14raineblade-ace
Oh, that was really sweet of him, especially when he kissed her lightly on the cheek. That gesture means more than a kiss on the lips, in my opinion anyway.
7/17/2003 c16 3Lizzy2
once again, a work or art! Please hurry with the sequel~1!
7/16/2003 c16 18bookworm0408
sniff that had me crying love all of ur stories thanks for that story it was great

lylas ~Katie
7/16/2003 c16 14Orenji Yume
luved the chappie! ^_^ but u had to stop there...yeah...pls put up the next story soon! can't wait to see what happens next...
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