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11/3/2014 c17 crazydaisyyy
omg this story! so much feels I LOVE IT
12/26/2013 c17 Zero Skye
Finally! Matt and Natalie are together! I had been so frustrated with Nat throughout the story for not realizing that Matt was the perfect guy for her. Just so happy with the ending!
9/1/2013 c17 10Nami98
Oh my God. I have never read a story so perfect as this. I LAUGHED, I cried, and I felt emotions that I never thought I could feel from reading a story. Wow. Definitely one of my all time favorite stories. :)
7/22/2013 c17 lollipop addict
Oh my freaking pegasus! This is so cute! I'll be "awwww"ing for at least ten minutes now! Cuuuute!
11/30/2012 c17 8LizASmith
Loved the story. You know, you should tweak the summary a bit, it'd probably attract more attention!
7/14/2011 c17 24Bertie the Redwood
Ridiculously cute! Loved it!
12/30/2010 c17 1splinteringtheglass
OMG I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT. Ha. Matt was doing the same thing he kept telling Nat do to with Jeremy. I AM SUCH A GENIUS.


Sorry. It's a bloody brilliant story, by the way. Loved the plot. And it was so sweet. And confusing. I don't think I want my senior year to be like that. Too much drama :D
9/9/2010 c16 18sweetpoet2003
"I spat, "Who's screaming now, bitch?" Oh lordy I almost spit out my drink when I read that. awesome line. love the story. i'm finding it very hard to look serious while I'm work and reading this. kudos
9/26/2009 c18 1KissesInTheRain14
OMG! this story is amazing! i was just bored today so i was going through all the old stories and i saw this and i was like what the heck and its awesome! Nat REALLY frustrated me sometimes but the ending was the best! i loved it! im a hopless romantic and this is exactly the kind ov story i love! thanks for curing my bordom! keep writing, cuz it deffinatly your calling!
7/27/2009 c18 Dead Deactivated
FANTASTIC! Please write the Sequel unless you already have!
6/24/2009 c18 Darian Quest
awee that was so cute. I spent a whole day reading this and even cussed out my cousins for interupting me in reading this. This was outrageously good and the ending was so cliche, but I loved it!=]
6/19/2009 c18 96Silly Little Storywriter
Oh, I liked that one much more. The right people ended up together, which made a big difference.

My only gripes were fixed/explained by the end. Which were: Natalie's obsession and selfishness (but she realised she was being a dope in the end). And the sisterly hatred, which, although far too extreme for most of it, was fixed by the end. As someone who has two sisters (who at times can be very annoying, especially when pregnant), I know that it is impossible to hate your siblings unless they do something totally heinous. Just having different tastes and friends doesn't breed that kind of hatred.

Apart from that, I really liked it. Matt was a much better hero than Donovan or Jason (who were both a bit wet). Jeremy was... well he was what he was meant to be. A filler. But I honestly can't understand why girls like him. He needed to grow a pair. Hah! But that wasn't a bad thing, as it made it more obvious who you were meant to be rooting for.

Much better characterisation and storyline on the whole.

Glad I could stop being a downer for this one!

4/16/2009 c18 Me-LikesYou
OMG, i totally loved this story...

Nat is this really funny, really naive, and really realistic character. And Matt is cute! I'm happy they ended up together.

I really like the ending of your story. I mean, with some stories, the end just seems forced, yeah? Like, there is no closure. So anyway, i'm gonna check out the rest of your stories. Keep writing dude. Really!
4/2/2009 c18 4Star Dot Storm
oh my gosh! send this to a publisher! this NEEDS to become a book! thank you so much for writing this! nat and matt are perfect for each other!
3/30/2009 c18 kaw97
I really liked this story. I was sure rooting for the Matt and Natalie ending! I wasn't sure how you would gracefully get Jeremy out of the picture. He might have been a little too nice about that, but that sounds like Jeremy. LOL
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