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for what we really are

8/23/2003 c1 11Anoyo
That last line said so many things. It's one of those things you ponder: did he mean the person, or the persona? I love stories that actually have to make me think. Wonderful job. You're officially on my recommended authors list. ^-^ (There are five others on that list and all I do is read. This is a complement, I swear.)

Can't wait for more of your work.

6/27/2003 c1 2LoveSasa
~shiver~ I... Can't say anything that would be fitting. Really, truly, I enjoy your work.

~Mizery Rose~
5/8/2003 c1 Flyet
I know how it feels to have your muses go on a vacation... I've learned that threatening them works almost as good as a little violence! lol. Interesting story! Oh, and I'm not sure I posted on underground, so... UPDATE SOON!

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