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for Poor Little Rich Girl

1/31/2006 c10 7Juniper Nights
1/11/2005 c10 peace etc
I love your story! Jessica's my favourite character. I hope you update soon!
12/14/2004 c10 Emily Logan
I'm definitely adding this story to my favorites list. For the most part it has really good character development, the only problem being that the only flaw that Madison has is that she's insecure. The characters all interact with each other pretty well, tho, and it's very well formed. Can't wait to see how it comes out.
9/4/2004 c10 5The Infamous Blob
Lovely, keep writing because I'm hooked!
7/30/2004 c10 16kaika switched
Finally got caught up. I love Spike and Madison together, but it almost feels like Jay's going to come back into the picture, like he has to, or something like that. It's weird, I guess. Great story so far, so update soon!
7/28/2004 c6 kaika switched
Aww, I love Spike and I'm so glad Madison found a friend (or two). I know there's still a few more chapters posted up, but I don't have the time to read at the very moment. I'm loving this story, though, so I'll be back!
7/16/2004 c10 7vanderhall
nice job, chica. just update quicker next time, k? I miss reading your stuff! I heart you!
4/8/2004 c9 vanderhall
*gasp* An update! You should do that more often :)
Good chapter, as always (I think I always say that and, likewise, I always point out that I always say that...) I love Kody, even though he's kind of an ass. I just feel bad for him, really. But he seems cute. Besides, I've always loved the rich, preppy Manhattan boy to someone like Spike. Hmm... that was mean... Update again soon, babe.
Oh, and good luck catching up on APG. Lots and lots and lots have happened... lots and lots! Try before it's too late and you get way swamped with it all! hehe
3/25/2004 c8 4Misodity
sounding good so far
3/19/2004 c8 14FireBringer
2/17/2004 c1 IllhaveJacksomeday11
Awesome story... I can't wait for more!
2/17/2004 c1 7Appaloosa05
Good story, I really like it so far.
2/16/2004 c8 7vanderhall
yay, an update! Question is: when does the next one show up? :)
A great chapter, as usual. I love the developing relationship between Madison and Jessica, and the quick rocky moment with Madison and Spike. You're great with the character relationships. *curses you* LoL, kidding. But do update soon? And get updated on my stuffs *hint hint* cuz I would like to know what YOU think. I need help :(
I love ya, babe. And update soon! ~V
1/22/2004 c7 Midnight Owl
hi! this is a -great- story! i like spike a lot... but i also like kody. but then i'm a sucker for preppie boys... and bad boys... aw, hell, you're making this kind of difficult on me. lol. i guess that means that it doesn't matter who you choose cuz i'll be happy with whoever it is. but kody coming certainly makes for an interesting twist. although, i have a feeling that it'll be spike. okay... i -know- it'll be spike. lol. great story! can't wait for you to update!
1/7/2004 c7 vanderhall
*dun dun dun* Not good, dude! lol The chapter was good but I really, really feel bad for Madison! and I heart Spike! hehe ~V
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