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for Eye of the Beholder

9/13/2012 c20 1theshadow603
6/7/2010 c14 3Kyre Crow
I never know what to say in a review, a review for something like-like this... (trying to say it's beautiful and such, but i can't find the right words...)
12/12/2009 c17 7Etc.' not etcetera
I really like it... up to the point people are jumping into the water after a dollar. Many of my relatives live around there, and I know this isnt significant to you as it doesnt help or review, but I gotta say or I will feel like Im allowing a my family to be insulted.
6/25/2006 c11 1k+Faithless Juliet
6/25/2006 c16 Faithless Juliet
I like the historical references within this; the birth of Nero, I can see Agrippina going through this, but also, historically she was just as scheming as her son, if not worse. I liked this though, keep up the good work.

Much love,Juliet.
7/26/2004 c12 74wonky donkey
excellent word choice. "floundering over steaming asphalt"
I've been away too long.
6/21/2004 c22 51Lieschen
It's Lieschen...I got sick of the name. This one made me sad. In a good way, of course.
5/16/2004 c8 30a e i o u and sometimes y
Oh, I love this poetry collection by you! It's fantastic! I especially love this one :)
4/27/2004 c8 acccountkiller
Hey! Oh I love this! Sorry I'm reviewing chapter 8 out of the blue but I love the cheshire cat, lol. Anyway this is really good! Actually, I want to say that I've read quite a lot of your stuff but you write so much i simply can't review everything but I will try, you are EXTREMELY talented and your imagery is awesome! Fantabulous! Love, Mia
2/22/2004 c20 21featherlight
Almost like a tongue twister, it' so fun to say...but it's also the kind of piece that really makes you *think*. Great job.
2/22/2004 c8 featherlight
Fantastic. Beautiful. Amazing. You have a true talent for writing, and your poems make me remember why poetry is called an art.
12/1/2003 c11 127godawful teen-angst poetry
eep! haiku! So glad to welcome you to the fold. They're addicting, really, once you get started. And-wow. I'm a bit in awe at the sheer brilliance of this one. First haiku, you say? Either you're lying or I'm very, very jealous. Gotta love those Shakespearean references...
12/1/2003 c10 godawful teen-angst poetry
"Fingernails –/
Jagged as mountain peaks,/
Jabbing at her skin…/"
I knew right away that this would be different from your usual, but it was different in a good way...it's nice to see that you can deviate and still be brilliant. The imagery is crisp, vivid, and effective, and...yeah. I'll stop trying to be technical. I got a picture of a distraught, too-thin, grieving young woman, scratching bird-like at her hair, her arms, her eyes, picking her clothes like twigs, eyes roaming. And then the title-well that changes things a bit, but I'm still staying with my original image ^^. Sorry it's taken so long to review...oh, and just so you know, I put a piece up in tribute to all of you here who I count friends...care to check it out?
11/23/2003 c7 godawful teen-angst poetry
Such visceral, slamming language here-every image stuck out clearly, sharply, almost to the point of too sharply, in my mind, like a set of negatives developed with the best of equipment, still wet on the proof sheet, wrenching focused evidence of the photographer's-or, in your case, poet's-sheer brilliance. You never cease to amaze me. Every line is perfection.

11/19/2003 c19 51Lieschen
Cold and echoing and stark. The line "gold and pink-blooded assassin" gave a sudden rush of warmth and passion, but I don't know how. This was another fantastic poem - I

m off to finish reading what I've missed !

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