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for Eye of the Beholder

11/3/2003 c22 The Black Rider
*jumps* Wasn't expecting that.

Like all great haikus, it was short and packed with all the emotions in anything else you've ever written. Fantastic.
11/2/2003 c22 1Jimmy Jazz
Ohohoo! Very good! These are just getting better and better, fantastic work, I love this. Excellent job!
10/29/2003 c22 64not sure yet
wow, very powerful and muchly enjoyed, especially the middle line, anywayz, excellent job
10/23/2003 c22 deaths master C
very beautiful, and what a way to describe it too, i suppose strength is like that, lifes experiences, lifes betrayals...very intriguing indeed master chica. i loved how you used the word "whispers" gave the poem a haunting quality, and it gave me the image of a heart with swirls of translucent black smoke swirling around it...very amazing. the layers were very cool, first is the heart, soft and innocent, then the betrayal sets in finally turning the heart hard on the outside - protecting the soft interior *i sound like im describing chocolates by never mind...*, like a sheild. very *clever* your getting more clever each day i say, kudos.

i really do muchly love your haikus, every single one leaves me thinking...often about how damn clever you are...but often about the contents and what they mean. making me think is an accomplishment altogehter, so kudos x2.
10/20/2003 c18 51Lieschen
A very thoughtful and deep haiku, nothing of what I expected. It brought to mind the scene of Cinderella and a very unhappy relationship, a reflection of the infatuation of today giving way to love gone sour. Beautiful and Bittersweet.

10/20/2003 c16 Lieschen
*jumps like a maniac into glitterjewele's inbox*


*grins* Yes, it's me. Sorry about being gone for long, stupid business. Begone, now ! Okay, now I have the time to review all your beautiful stuff. Whee !

First of all, this is chilling and ripping and so glorious in it's portrayel of pain and gore. I really looked forward to reading something about Nero. I knew he was a very brutal dictator, and one fact I remember about him was his habit of using christians as human torches for his garden party. So I read this with a shiver of foreboding. I loved how you kept it to how much pain the child caused the mother. i think my favorite line would have to be "fire and ice on the tip of an arrow" simply for the great contrast. Also the image of the crown serenly reflecting the scene was perfect. And i liked how you repeated silver in the second, and second-last line. Overall wonderful. I don't know how I stayed away !

10/19/2003 c21 1Jimmy Jazz
Oh man! Excellent poems once again! And this one, amazingly haunting! Well done!
10/19/2003 c20 127godawful teen-angst poetry
Ok so I lied...but it was worth it! So excellent, this. An alliterated haiku...awesome! And it could be both or either, really...but since your stuff tends to go beyond the obvious, I'll go with person. A lovelorn lady named Lily, perhaps?

(Oh! Who's alliterating now! lol)

~an extremely tired lyv, who is currently feeling strangely lightheaded, possibly due to the large amount of caffeine that she has consumed while supposedly working on a project about-you guessed it-caffeine. Ah, the irony. :)
10/19/2003 c6 godawful teen-angst poetry
You know, I'm actually not surprised that you're being published...that's awesome! And so is this poem, btw...it's 3 minutes to 1 in the morning, and I'm slightly braindead, so this eview might not be *quite* coherent, but I try. I love the way you set off big chunks of writing with a few words ("Again." "With her.") It really accentuates their meaning and lets it sink in. So many lines of this are just incredible...my favorite would ahve to be the last four though, especially the use of a book title for the last-very original! Well, I'm off to do VJAS. Seriously. I will do this...gah...

*hates school*

10/17/2003 c21 64not sure yet
wow, very dark and painful, muchly got into this one, no serious imagery but the ideals running through it and just, yea, really love this one as well excellent job
10/16/2003 c21 14Dirty Wallpaper
wow, very cool, i loved the cleverness...heaps and heaps of genius.

i especailly loved the lines...

"As the good doctor


Will explain shortly,"

amazing, gave the whole poem a warped quality...after that i was seeing pictures of green skies and blue grass - im lovin it.

"That the sordid gash

Engraved in your arm

Is Imagination’s plaything,"

very cool, just, i loved.

kudos chica, god i love this series...
10/14/2003 c21 The Black Rider
Wow, that was very deep. I had to read it over a second time once I finished it. Doctors tend to do that; they're like "Reassurance Men." Great addition, as always. Keep writing.
10/13/2003 c21 Yuriko the Chaotic Slurpee
*stares slack-jawed at the screen* *claps weakly* Wow. You're good at this, you know? Heh. Keep it up. These poems are wonderful! :D
10/13/2003 c21 267Lady B.V Rose
How DO you do it! You just pack all these emotions into one tiny little piece of poetry and blow me away, this was fan-tas-tic!

- BVR xx (O_O Wow...)
10/12/2003 c20 Lady B.V Rose
*Jaw drops* So...so...*Answer machine* I'm sorry, Miss Rose is currently held speechless by the quality of this poetry, she will get back to you as soon as possible, but for now, please leave a message after the beep...BEP

- BVR xx
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