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for Eye of the Beholder

10/11/2003 c20 64not sure yet
o, ALLITERATION, and a lot of it in this poem, muchly like this one, short and pretty...person or a flower, hm, i take it as both actually, cause it can be seen i nmore then one way..w alliteration too, me and w are...ood, most definitely not stragners but not exactly friends either and dont fit under aquaintances either..hm, ANYWAYZ, muchly enjoyed this one, awesome job

btw, sorry havent been around lately...live got in the way
10/9/2003 c20 1Jimmy Jazz
He he, awesome poetry here. I'm not gonna bother to answer, I always get these things wrong, lol. Besides, I can't think much at the moment anyway, all I know is awesome poetry, excellent work, keep it up!
10/8/2003 c20 14Dirty Wallpaper
*puffs out chest in bravado*



yes well i suppose it could be a flower, but the way it can be so beautifully related to life makes me *want* it to be relating to human emotions. this was really reaslly lovwly chica, i think this is one of your best haikus, definitely one of my favourites, such beauty. kudos forever!

btw, im still waiting for you to utterly disapoint me, so far you have failed miserably, terrible... :D

P:S - i was a dork and thought you hadnt updated...but you had, lol sorry! i thought you had decided to torture me...
10/7/2003 c4 127godawful teen-angst poetry
I can't get over how awesome this poetry is. Where did you come from? Where have you been the whole time I've been sifting through fictionpress? How did I possibly miss you?

Anyways...onto the review portion of the review. This is...amazing. The last line totally threw me...awesome. You've positively brimming with talent. I can't wait til the weekend when I have enough time to sit down and read it all.

10/7/2003 c3 godawful teen-angst poetry
*feels warm and fuzzy* what a great way to describe a kiss...you caught me right with the first line (such a crative metaphor!) and you didn't lose me. Awesome.

10/7/2003 c2 godawful teen-angst poetry
Oh. My. God.

This is...I can't even say. I can see every single powerful word...can I even pick a favorite line without quoting the whole poem? Oh god..."Death scrapes by on ivory pinpoints," everything from "Steaming sweat-beads" to "pounding in steel spikes." Oh! And "The mistress's dove-voice coos, 'good kitty,'/As the fangs of death go screeching by".

10/7/2003 c1 godawful teen-angst poetry
*is ecstatic* a real sonnet! A real, petrarchan, moving and well-done sonnet that actually *makes sense*! This is so great...



Thanks for your reviews-Akhenaten was an Egyptian pharaoh who basically declared all gods except for one, the sun god or Aten, nonexistent. He inroduced monotheism to Egypt, built a city, Amarna, in the desert, and lived there for some ten or fifteen years with his wives, Nefertiti and Kiya, until his death, perhaps at the hands of the priests who he had disenfranchised when he dispelled of the gods who gave them their power and social status. He's also Tutankhamen's father ^^
10/7/2003 c18 AVIGON
You're right... It takes on an entirely different meaning after reading the A/N. It's more powerful, more sad,... more everything.
10/7/2003 c20 The Black Rider
OMG I am in love with you right now. Seriously. Why, you ask? Because you are the ONLY person who reviewed my poem Want and understood it. Every review I was getting said the same thing: "That's so sweet that you wrote it for your mother." or "It made me want to give my mom a big hug." It's great that they liked it and I'm flattered...BUT YOU GOT IT! Thanks be to God!

Anyway, as you would expect, I love this poem. Very short but has so much in it. I really don't know if this is about a human or a flower. It would seem to me that a lily would be dead by winter time, so I'll guess human. I'm not going to pretend I know for a fact what this is about, but it did get me going. Thanks again.
9/28/2003 c4 53Lidless Eye
Great word choice... kind of seems just a bit forced, like "repugnant", but the poem was still wonderfully executed. Good work, keep it up!
9/28/2003 c3 Lidless Eye
Just like the last one, this ended well. The whole poem was very powerful, nonetheless... excellent job!
9/28/2003 c2 Lidless Eye
This ended very well... a brilliant concept, and a fitting title. =) Maybe I'm just running out of review ideas since I've written a lot lately, now I'm commenting poem titles. That's sad... anyways, time to see the other works in this set...
9/28/2003 c1 Lidless Eye
Very powerful, I like it a lot. Great work!
9/27/2003 c19 14Dirty Wallpaper
i am now melting at the beautifulness...

*yawn*...and now im utterly exhausted from reading it...just shows you how tired i am my dear but i shall try my best to give your stunning poem the praise it deserves...!

i loved loved loved loved this, i mean i really loved the titale as well, but everything about it just screamed, ann, you are going to fall in love with me and i did, i truly did, magnifico mon ami! i especailly loved the opening line, it really set the mood of the whole poema dn really brought me into it, like a story, so you already had a very strong image in your mind, i loved, thought it was absolute genius indeed.

"Sleep becomes a fickle companion,

Lending only nightmares that rise like smoke"very haunting image, i especailly liked the fickle companion bit, very amusing and creative.

"The familiar ceiling as cavernous as

A gasping mouth," such a great image of opening my eyes in bed to a gaping mouth, very cool.

"Dawn’s visage painted over Fate

Like the gold and pink-blooded assassin

She truly is." that i loved, just so much, i sem to be loving alot of this particular poem dont i? you just choose the most interesting things to relate things to, great metaphors, breahtaking - an assassin? well im just going to be thinking about how damn cool the is and how true that is al day.

great great beautiful breathtaking poem my dear, loved muchly and eternally! truckloads of chocolate and kudos to you!
9/25/2003 c19 1Jimmy Jazz
Oh, I love it, excellent! I'd like to name my favourite parts, but it's all amazing! Excellent job, keep up the good work. :)
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