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3/21/2004 c1 3The Excessively Loud Waterfowl
" 'Now that we have the government's permission to execute our experiments, we must undergo them now,' declared Dr. Lukin as his voice boomed throughout the lab. He is a very intelligent man"
How is it that the "very intelligent man" said "now" twice in the same sentence? ...sorry...that just really bugged me. Anywho...it's pretty good. I'm bad at short stories. Long stories all the way, baby!
2/27/2004 c1 10Maharanjoni
pretty good. A little creepy^_^. Although I dont think it would happen because no government would allow that sort of thing to go on, and if they did, the rest of the governments would beat them up. Great story tho, you could expand it and make it into a scientist-turned-gun-slinger type dealie (that would be funny)
ne-way keep up the good work old chap!

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