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5/23/2003 c1 27BOB34
This is so good, so innocent! This is a feeling i can relate to! *BOB34*
5/22/2003 c1 39Clockwork Angel
It was really sad but it was also written very strong
5/13/2003 c1 2ArraS
Hey, reviewing back...great poem. I got this weird feeling that we're the same person living in different dimensions. You described my feelings excatly. Keep it up! :D
5/12/2003 c1 16Notyouraveragebedtimestory
Beautifull poem. You should make it a song, so I can sing it. ^^
5/12/2003 c1 4liquidcrystal
wow! i can empathize... this is a good piece. really heartfelt. :)

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