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for Thicker Than Blood

3/27/2005 c4 M L
Haha! I love the dialogue you give Robert. I feel bad, I love all your stories, but you've up and disapeared. And you haven't made anything you can finish -.- Er, well, I want you to finish, but you've made it clear you're not going to. I think you need to finish Donovan and Aarons story -.- Anywho, come back, write something, and save us from literary limbo.
3/28/2004 c4 Monkeyland
heh heh! Loved it! I compleately overlooked the LITTLE surprise and it was great! are you going to write more?if so plz update soon...
3/24/2004 c1 Monkeyland
Ok that was a very umm giving a heart attack surprise! but none the less very well written. Continuing on..
1/5/2004 c4 opal vapor
i was cut off... just so you know and understand me...I FUCKING LOVE YOUR STORY! *smiles* i hope to have made you laugh!
1/5/2004 c3 opal vapor
uh, just so you know i really do like your story, but i thought you might not get enougth flames to keep you laughing so...(i've never done this) here it goes...*deep belly breath* "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING? THEY'RE FUCKING BROTHERS! (bold underlined font) EVEN HALF BROTHERS ITS JUST SO FUCKING WRONG! (how am i doing so far?) ANYONE WHO THINKS LIKE YOU SHOULD BE DRUG OUT INTO THE STREET AND SHOT FOR OBSENITY AND BEING UNHOLY! MUHAHAHAHA! YOU SHALL BURN IN HELL (bold underlined again) FOR THIS EVIL CRIME AGAINST HEAVEN! and just to make sure you heard me the first time
8/12/2003 c4 NoName8owq
Ok, so its not that freaky. A little on the weird side, but its good. Though I've never read this type of fic before, I'm sure its good, and since I don't really care about the whole incest thing, I'm thinking its good.
6/10/2003 c4 4crossed out words
Awesome! Keep writing.

I guess it seems strange to me when you offer all these warnings and think you've freaked people out with what you've written...but I guess I've read almost anything imaginable in a slashy world, so nothing really surprises me or squicks me.

Anyways, keep going on this story, you rock.
5/30/2003 c4 2succubusbroad
This is awesome! Please continue.
5/28/2003 c4 Sarah
I like your story and hope to read more soon ;)
5/28/2003 c4 219RNL
gah! Ur good...ur really really good!

5/22/2003 c3 25Sinner Heart
Hey Pam I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE THIS STORY ... you have to update soon ^_^ oh please update soon you just must

well I guess I'll go now so I hope to talk to you laterz

5/16/2003 c3 Steph
pam that was so good... dont doubt ur ability to right...because u can and if its a good story to u.. thats all that counts
5/14/2003 c3 RNL
Yikes - ur good at that aren't you?
5/12/2003 c2 The ORIGINAL Pam-Fangirl
I still love this story ^_^

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