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5/22/2003 c1 Raven167
hey, that is a really good poem, as are the other 2 that i read. you have great potential at writing! about the poem and how you loved him and all. You never forget your first love. i know that for a fact. on May 9th, my b/f broke up with me only after going out for just over a month. we would have been 2gether 2 months on the 14th. but he told me that he didnt want a g/f and that he couldnt be tied down to one person for too long. dont you just hate it when they say that? but, anyways, when he broke up with me, i was in the process of falling in love with him. i know they say that you cant fall in love with someone in such a short amount of time, but you can. i had almost fallen in love with him...and he broke up with me in school too. it was in homeroom..we had gone there after lunch..my friend mckenzie told me josh wanted to break up with me..i almost broke down then..and when i get down or whatever, i wrote a poem. i may put a few of my poems up here. well, i think this review is long enough, dont you? i hope to read much more of your wonderful works^_^


5/15/2003 c1 xbythestarsx
I like the sequel! :)

Very good, again!

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