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for May All Praise Nature!

8/10/2004 c7 2Mina Skywalker
Oh! Your poetry is so beautiful! You have such a graceful flow to each of your descriptions! I liked this nature collection very well! If you have time, please read and review my story, The Violin! I'd appreciate your comments so much! Once more- Great job and keep up the excellent work!
3/11/2004 c1 31Modern Poet
Extremely refreshing and delightful to read. I luv nature poems. You gave me a review once, so I thought I'd check u out and I'm glad I did! Keep up the good work!
12/8/2003 c7 106cosmo-queen
Some beautiful additions you have to your nature collection. You really have captured the essence of whatever part of nature you are talking about. Out of the three poems I hadn't read before, i liked "Tears of a Willow" the best. That poem had such beautiful imagery, even though it was sad. Great work, and I hope you add some more poems soon :)
11/15/2003 c7 5Naja Copperleaf
Your poetry is captivating. Lovely. ;)
10/27/2003 c1 18Sallie Beaver
Great poem! u certainly do have a way with words and amazing talent!

i'll be waiting for more stories from u...=)
10/23/2003 c1 aerius
Beautiful poem!
10/14/2003 c1 11tigerdragon66
the tiger says, "wow"! awsome. It lets my soul see, the poetry.
9/29/2003 c1 1UK-meets-USA
Hiya it's Bob n Kazzi on my joined account with Ishuzu. Come check out our collab story. it's good - well, Ishuzu's bit is.
9/24/2003 c1 amicusveritas
A lovely ode to nature...in those rare moments when all the world seems at peace...somewhat distracted by the lyrics of of the song, "Do you hear what I hear..." kept hearing it in my head as I read your words...wonderful last three lines..well done...regards, amicus...
9/13/2003 c1 45The Wandering Minstrel
Wow! You have an amazing gift for describing the things you write about! I've said to a few people that their wrirings a beautiful, but by far I think you're the best.
9/6/2003 c5 GoodBye Everybody
"Tears of a Willow" was just heartbreaking. The willow tree is one of my favorites, and you described its beauty perfectly. I wish I could write a creatively as you. You have a talent with words.

*The Mighty Sisto*
9/5/2003 c7 15LadyGawain
wow these are simply stunning...wow. I love nature and u captured this perfectly. I love that quote from Alice Swaim
7/30/2003 c7 14devillovesclassical
you have a wonderful way with words. I like the simplicity of your poems and the fact that you started each one with a related quote. this is of no consequence but i liked "moonlight sonata" very very much.
7/17/2003 c7 the froggy ong
this one is simple then all those poems u write before..yet it did touch me the same as the others do..
6/20/2003 c6 7the froggy ong
Another great work!...you are a great writer... *grin*
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