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for Autumn

2/5/2004 c1 8Bleeding-Gemstone
Also my favorite season.
11/11/2003 c1 47Kenishiro
hi, nice haiku. i'd written a haiku about winter, why don't you check it out.

i love autumn too ^_^
8/11/2003 c1 7Dark Hamadryad
Hmm...I tend to like Spring more-esp. May.

6/13/2003 c1 30Silverfire Starr
Yeah Autumn's my favourite season too. It's so deep and passionate. This is good
6/8/2003 c1 98Not Just a Little Girl
Yes autumn is gorgeous. I love autumn so i'm totally agreeing with you. :D
5/23/2003 c1 12Silverlight Elf
I"M BORN IS SEPTEMBER! Hehe, I like this!
5/17/2003 c1 76CoolBeans18s
I love Autumn! WOnderful poem!

~ CoolBeans18s
5/15/2003 c1 15Isay
Aw, that was really peaceful. Almost makes me wish we had autumn here in the Philippines. But the only seasons we have is the dry and wet season. It's hot all the time... *sigh*

5/15/2003 c1 36Psycho-kyugurl
Couldn't agree more.
5/15/2003 c1 100Keep it 100
Yes it is.

~Heart of the Sword

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