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8/10/2004 c1 doode omg1
dode...like omg...that was so freakn good...and...IM NOT AFRAID ANYMORE!..ur so talented...!...like omg..
11/17/2003 c1 37Fantwriter
o nicey's...

Wow you write such good poetry! Hope you'll read one of mine =)

Bwah...One thing: "I drove all of you almost insane" The 'almost' makes it a lil less dramatic...wait...but if you take it out then it's different huh...ok nvm...do what you want w/ it. That's the only thing that really popped out.

6/14/2003 c1 evan
wow that is super deep i never knew that u felt that way. this poem really relates to my life. keep writing the good shit
6/12/2003 c1 Andrew
This poem is okay. My problem with it is that it sounds like a lot of things i have written. I don't partiularly like those because mine weren't very good, and to be completely honest, im saddened that i would write something like that only to have wasted my effort. Oh well, the trick is to write from teh heart and edit with the mind.
6/12/2003 c1 noven
dang.. i so totally understand how u feel.. i felt the same way almost all the time.. good stuff.. keep writing.
6/9/2003 c1 4Digsa2003
OMG! That is so sad. "So good-bye I'll miss you all." That line makes me want to cry...*sniffle*
6/9/2003 c1 106cosmo-queen
Very good poem. I have felt that way before too, just wanting to die. I just hope that whatever horrible thing you were going through has passed. Keep writing :)

6/4/2003 c1 36Mandrake-CoRn

Don't leave! You write amazing poetry. I really hope your friends know you write super-uber poetry.

It was really sad :(, but I can really relate. Good job :D Don't...Hurt yourself..PLease...
5/30/2003 c1 lighted eagle
deep... and yes i'm sure many have felt this way, i know i have. you captured the emotion really well...a remarkable job...keep writing
5/27/2003 c1 157Just Another Face
I am all too familiar with that emotion, great job putting it into a poem. ^_^

5/18/2003 c1 7mary.rose.fate
hi... oh another nice work, i really like the rhymings, you really are a good writer and hey keep writing i'll will read it! ^^
5/16/2003 c1 7Xero Maverick
I've always liked a good rhyming scheme. Yours is no exception. As another reviewer before me said, this poem conveys pertaining emotions very well. Keep writing, you.
5/16/2003 c1 45nameless face
awesome job...expresses well the emotions that overwhelm us when we're at our lowest...and the writing is a good release isn't it? it helps to ease the pain...if only a little...but it's enough to get us through another day...
5/16/2003 c1 Evrae Altana
AW! That was really sad!

:( but that was a good poem! I love Angst! ^_^ well, you never drove me insane, I quite like reading your fanfics/poems! :) you said you felt horrible? well, I love you! and I hope you feel better soon!

~Evrae Altana~

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