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4/1/2007 c1 134whispered something profound
I love love love love love this poem! The imagery is phenomenal! I know it's not very nice not to say something constructive, but there's not much to say. I would have said yes instead of yeah, it goes better with the feel of the poem, but it's your voice, not mine.
4/1/2006 c1 26braindead1345
very well written, amost like a song
1/23/2006 c1 10Cookie20007
wow...one word fantastic!
2/6/2005 c1 15Forgotten Melon
Deliciously written. I bow down to you. I know I could write something like this, but never quite as good as you. It was so transfixing, I couldn't stop reading, until it was over! Please read my pieces? :)

3/23/2004 c1 237battousai24
I like this one. It's morbid. Nice. Short phrases, but nice. I like the 'negativeness' that comes with it.
1/31/2004 c1 acccountkiller
Wow wow wow *awed* this is amazing, creepy, and incredibly seductive, lol, I love it! The imagery is beautiful but you add such...morbid undertones...I admire you! this is mind-blowing! Love, Mia
1/3/2004 c1 39zelle
This is beautiful...yeah, blood's seductive like that.
I loved the last line. At first it seemed all nice and, well, typical.
But now...it scares me. But I'm attractede. And I'm scared that I'm attracted.
10/17/2003 c1 7wacko-chipmonk
Cool.I really like your poem...I'm off to read others.I'm also glad that you liked mine!I should have another one up, but that's on...well if you wanna know go read it!Thanks for your review,and I think (of what I know about you) that your really cool!
10/9/2003 c1 31ButterfliKysses
Weird and twisted although I could make myself stop till I was done. How do you come up with this stuff?
8/2/2003 c1 3Wil the Deranged Rickmaniac
Oh my god ... never, ever read this out at the poetry thing. The old bible basher guy will choke on his own spit.
6/17/2003 c1 willetts
o morbidly morose and sexily suggestive.

hot damm its good

5/31/2003 c1 34Smoky Bear
fantastic... twisted and interesting... you have talent
5/31/2003 c1 59penfin
that was amazing. i found myself trapped in your words as i read. amazing.
5/30/2003 c1 51Theo
Wow, this is really a poem that blows the thought "just a kiss" out of the water. It is intense. Kudos to you!


5/25/2003 c1 62BloodBrother
Thank you for your review. I try to return the favor for at least one poem.

Here's what I thought: Overall a good poem, had a nice flow to it. I enjoyed the last few lines, a superb ending.

But, it was a tad confusing. One of Robert Frost's great tips in poetry was to make it great, but simple enough so the reader can get a feel of what's going on.

I suppose if it wasn't 4 AM it might be a little easier, for me at least.
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