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3/27/2014 c19 Guest
3/27/2014 c18 Guest
3/27/2014 c17 outraged girl
ok not trying to be mean but this could use work
3/27/2014 c16 Guest
3/27/2014 c14 Guest
3/27/2014 c8 Guest
its a good plot I guess.. but u need to work on her reactions and u could add a lil more to this.. seems just dialogue
12/18/2013 c7 1leavesfallingup
While I can appreciate her irritation when her Dad failed to confide in her sooner, at the moment she's acting like a ridiculously spoiled brat. In a few months she'll graduate and move on. Her dad has the right to find someone.
12/18/2013 c3 leavesfallingup
A correction. You typed "It was just me and hi." I think that you meant "me and him"

A good story so far
8/19/2012 c22 AnonymousReads
I really loved this story and wouldnt change a thing about it. Great story. :)
2/5/2012 c21 4Made To Syn
I liked. It was cliche, but we all have a side to us that wants to see that. It would have been nice to see jacy hit by a bus, we deal. It'll be nice to see her end up fat and alone. the revierw responses were getting kinda weird after awhile, but you know. Overall, it was nice. I like the song she sang...
2/4/2012 c13 Made To Syn
This is really good! And, btw, I hate jacy (notice the lower case name) with a BURNING PASSION, DEEP. INSIDE. MY. SOUL. she's a)snobby. b) i imagine her as a prep c)how are you gonna tell someone who has known this guy SINCE THE THRID GRADE, THAT YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IS SHE HAS ROMANTIC INTREST IN to leave him alone? d) who says that they get everything they want anymore? SO 2004! (Yes, i know this was posted in 2003, but STILL.) and for the final reason of my hate, d) SHE IS AN ALL AROUND BITCH WHO'S PROBABLY 5'4 WITH AN ASS BIGGER THAN HER HEAD.
12/12/2009 c14 8mykes
Love your story!
8/15/2008 c21 5I Murder on Impulse
Wonderful story!

7/6/2008 c21 Alenor
heya, wonderful story! cya later ~ Alenor.
2/1/2007 c21 siddika
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