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8/11/2003 c1 7Dark Hamadryad
The poem is good, but the memories it brings up aren't-epicenter, Earth Science regents...ugh!

6/27/2003 c1 292Fabian Cortez
Absolutely on form here.

Loved it.

6/8/2003 c1 98Not Just a Little Girl
Ep -definately scary!
5/23/2003 c1 12Silverlight Elf
Nice, sweet. Your going to have like.. 20 reveiws I hope you know
5/22/2003 c1 The Black Rider
Sorry I've been gone for so long, I've been quite busy lately. This was good. Not one of your best, but a very powerful piece indeed.
5/22/2003 c1 13Davido Martino
good, er good.
5/19/2003 c1 113Cunning Coyote
Ep! I'm so glad we dspn't get earthquakes here... Good job...
5/18/2003 c1 36Psycho-kyugurl

5/18/2003 c1 15Isay
I've never experienced an earthquake yet, but you describe it well. ^_^

5/18/2003 c1 1Jimmy Jazz
Wow, creepy. That's one of my all time biggest fears, buried alive. Wow.
5/17/2003 c1 28ChaoxAngel
Very Descriptive~ Good one!

5/17/2003 c1 100Keep it 100
::looks out from under the desk::

Is the earthquake over?

~Heart of the Sword
5/17/2003 c1 76CoolBeans18s
Creepy... Very well written, though.

~ CoolBeans18s

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