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12/19/2004 c1 cassie
ah, i really shouldn't be reading your stories at 1:20 AM. Lol. Oh well, I get to sleep in tomorrow... poor little Dennis. But he freaks me out anyway... maybe because he was a ghost. Lol. It's silent in here. I can hear the clock ticking. Maybe I should put some music on, or go to bed... and hide under the covers... nice job on freaking me out at least...
7/3/2004 c1 18Aidrianna
nice unexpected twist ending you have there.
12/10/2003 c1 7Lightness
this was very nicely written. its one of those stories that you completely miss if you dont really pay attention. i liked your voice and the character development. and i loved the ending. that was a great little twist there. great job.
6/23/2003 c1 81Red Masque
Oh! Nice! I loved it. There was everything; blunt truth, intrigue, a tiny bit of unreciprocated romance, and, of course, horror. There was even at least one part that made me smile: "Who could it be? Randall Flagg? Gregg Stillson? Norman Daniels? And why the hell did I read those books, if they freaked me out that much?" Loved it, especially the reference to RF. (sry, obsessed w/ SK)

Sorry about not reciprocating ur review sooner. U no, i was thinking that same thing, but i was writing it for ppl younger than me and i didn't want to stress their poor little minds. So i put it up in its unchanged form. I'm glad you liked it! Especially enough that you put it in your favorite stories! I'm blushing right now- it wasn't *that* good!

This put a whole new spin on this basic plot (visit from the dead). I loved it!
5/18/2003 c1 science riter
i didn't get your story. sorry, but what does the 19th have to do with anything?

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