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for Confessions of a Teenage Suburban

4/20/2005 c1 17Murder245
Ohh, I like, I like. Update soon!

2/21/2005 c1 KiraLyrin
Ooh, I like. Its a good start, and the biker guy is very cool. Any more?
2/19/2005 c1 11arachibutyrophobia
o dear...totally busted...interesting story beginning...consitering you wrote this almost a year ago, is there any hope you'll continue this?

1/29/2005 c1 Salt and Vinegar Pringles
I like your story. That's a good fact. Ciao!
12/29/2004 c1 2w1ngle55-ang3L
i love this story! its so.. so... funky! ahhaha yeah, i know, i gotsa improve my vocab, but i think ill leave that dictionary closed for a while, dontcha.. although im sure its uh, thrilling reading ! haha. yes, well, anywhoo, plz update soon ! this story has heapsa potential, and i loved the ending, and the way u write.. its cool ! :) yeah, ill prob keep repeating myself if i continue, coz ur story just rocks and theres pretty much no other way to say it :P keep writing!- w1ngle55 ang3L
11/2/2004 c1 8mandirox09
i really like it!
9/25/2004 c1 pillowfighter
7/20/2004 c1 3anon11345
cool sotry, veri veri cool, lub it, hey me from Toronto too!
anyways, i think u should continue this story.
so ya BaBi . . . for now . . .
6/14/2004 c1 9Chione
Busted. Hehehehehehehehe that sucks.
Kinda sounds like me, actually. I always get caught.
So, anyway this is very entertaining, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Please please continue this. It's funny. Very funny. Teenage drama is always a good read.
And it's unusual teenage drama, to boot.
10/22/2003 c1 capture21
cool fic, keep writing. luv it.

10/19/2003 c1 Courteney
Hey, I love your story, you should update soon, it's been like 5 months already!
5/19/2003 c1 Jory
Gurrl! HII! i like where this story is goin, and i can totally relate to your chracter...and this cutie...you better be havin him in the story more! keep it up..im soo lovin it!
5/19/2003 c1 lolz
Nice style...

Nice way of depicting teen life too...

And it's BRITNEY not Brittany...

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