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2/29/2004 c13 2Deideikawaii
Please update it has been to long.Continue please
2/7/2004 c13 KarinApuleius
You know, I actually took the time to read all of this and make a somewhat proffesional review of it. Here's a part of it
"We are then introduced to our main character, Hana, who is stupid by any definition of the word. She is a dumb valley girl, but out of the all dumb valley girls in this *-wad of a fic, she's somewhat more intelligent than the others. But that's like saying Hannibal Lecter is somewhat more sane than Jack The Ripper. That's like saying Jason has killed 1 more person than Freddy. That's like Bob Sagget is somewhat more funny than a blow up doll. In reality, since everyone in this fic's combined IQ still isn't enough to open a zip-lock bag, it doesn't really matter who's smarter."
11/16/2003 c1 Climhazzard912
YahYah great story.
9/29/2003 c1 Deideikawaii
Great fic^-^. Its a good story when are you going to update? Tell me at my e-mail: K. Well great story :).
9/24/2003 c1 Gary
it was good 9 out of ten
9/12/2003 c1 KarinApuleius
I personally thought it sucked ass! I'd rather hit myself over the head repeatedly with a hammer! But that's just me.
9/9/2003 c13 ibgone
Oh, cool, you updated. That was a funny chapter! Had me laughing with Nuke and that Road Construction tag. It looks like Yume's world tour continues into America. I certainly hope she reaches the Dei crystal before the baddies. Ouch, you haven't received anymore fan art? I figured you'd at least have two more submissions by now. Ah, well...
8/14/2003 c12 ibgone
Go Yukio and Sugar! I'm glad they got Hana back and Erick turned back to normal. What next for the Sail-Dream Girl Sensei?
8/11/2003 c11 ibgone
Plenty of action and humor to go around. Another chapter worthy of reading. I'm wondering what will happen next with the Yaban Crystal arc all wrapped up?
8/9/2003 c1 BoB-iz-cool
8/3/2003 c3 Ash05694
This story is really clever, I like it! Really strange villains tho.
8/2/2003 c6 Angelos Theinus
As much as I hate to say this, despise is really the word, I really like it. It's kinda funny, and I expected a cheap Sailor Moon knock-off. Apparently I was wrong when I thought that Morgan was where all the creativity was.

You know Sapporo is a weak Japanese beer, right? I think you might. I remember that when I lived in Japan I was sitting in a bar for Europeans, mainly the American and English in Tokyo actually, and I was singing a beer song. It was, "Sapporo, Sapporo, weak as hell. Sapporo, Sapporo, best in Japan. Sapporo, Sapporo, bully for you Japan. Sapporo, Sapporo, better than rice wine. Sapporo, Sapporo, up your's."
8/1/2003 c10 18Kat Reverie
SQUEE! ^_^ Sorry i've not been on aim, it's been acting up, if you want me to desighn any more outfits just email me, now to the comments!

I love this chappy! And the previous one! WAH! I WANT CHARRA DESCRIPTIONS! *gets whacked* itai X.X
7/30/2003 c10 ibgone
I see Ashi and Kuro have a Roshi and Baba thing going. Let's see...Yume, Amaya, Sugar, Yukio, and Kuo...HEY! You have enough people to form a gumi!
7/24/2003 c9 ibgone
Whoa, that was a good side story (I say side story because Yume wasn't in the episode).
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