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for Angels burn and Demons sing

5/6/2007 c1 20SAKoi
I love the style in this poem. It's listing like crazy, the ash and what is dead. There's tons of description, my only problem was I got kind of confused when you abruptly went off the extreme, thick rant and into a more talking mode for a while. Good job!
2/17/2004 c1 5Chateau D'If
again, really deep. i love this kind of poem tho, depressing. and its very true with the message your sending.
2/16/2004 c1 54Werecat99
Dark and one could easily say blasphemous... but not me. This had powerful and haunting imagery and had me hooked from the first line.
Good work. This was a poem after my own heart.
11/2/2003 c1 ILivetoWrite642
very nice poetry, keep it up
5/26/2003 c1 9all a dream
very nice. you feel it, too?
5/25/2003 c1 Abandoned Love
AWESOME poem! Congratulations on being such a wonderful poet! I would love to see more of your work, so please add more! I have one suggestion: you should come up with a better title. I often have trouble with making up titles that are good and fit with the poem. I just think that a title that is the same as the first line is a bit bland. Think up something exciting and diverse, but also something that stays true to the poem! You can look through quotes, song lyrics, words, anything can help with this. Well, I know that I am rambling, again, awesome poem! I love it.
5/22/2003 c1 31BrainDamage
Oh my god ! This is one of the best poems I ever read ! go you !

I'm adding this to my favorites !
5/20/2003 c1 Catrianna
Wow. *smiles* Reminds me of something...my angels. *tries to scream*


Thankyou. This really is a beautiful piece of...art. The words form an image. I already knew you were talented. ^^ It's gorgeous

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