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9/2/2003 c1 73An Inside Joke
This is an incredible story, especialy for a 10 year old. The stories that leave questions unanswered are usually the best ones.
9/1/2001 c1 Imp1
Gosh, I'd never have thought a ten year old could do something like this, but, then again, my cousin thinks my writing is from a book, won't believe I did it. ^_^;; In my opinion, that was extremely good. Nice grammar, interesting story, not too weird, but certainly unique and well written. I'm sure if I reread it, I could find something to critisize, but there was nothing you couldn't edit if you were unhappy with it. David was an interesting character, and almost humorously plain. ^_^ I'd love to read more. Tootles-IMP
5/18/2001 c1 1Taigurl
Quite interesing if I do say so myself. ::bursts: LOL! there's a little typo you really need to correct before this unkowingly becomes 'R' or somthing. 'David woke up with a start. A girl was peeing at him nervously. He nearly screamed in shock.' I would too! LOL!
5/15/2001 c1 burp
You wrote that when you were ten? That's awesome.
1/15/2001 c1 1mysticVigil
Wow, you wrote this when you were TEN? God Liz, I never knew you could write this great! And I can't believe I didn't read this sooner! Stupid, stupid me! But you aren't going to finish this? You're sure? I really think this would turn into a truley awesome story... But as it stands now, it's wonderful. You're going to go far in the writing world, you know that? Anywayz, terrific! Peace! ~*Liz*~
12/27/2000 c1 16Ninamazing
Wow! I really like this - especially the title. :) You *should* finish this someday, if you ever feel like it .. it's really amazing and it's going straight to my favorites. =D I know what you mean about writing novels .. none of mine ever worked out, either. But it doesn't mean I won't stop trying! .. Anyways, this is a pretty cool story. I like. :)

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