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5/8/2006 c20 2Shadowless Rain
I love it!Can't wait till you write some more! :D
3/7/2006 c20 Psychowerewolfnuts
Best animal fantasy I've read in ages (David Clement-Davies did one about wolves too, but he should be on the Net more) but one question...

Where'd the other chapters go? I'm confused-I thought (from those hints you were dropping) that this was going to be thirty chapters. Where are the last ten?

Ah well. I'll content myself with rereading this.

Know what about a good book? You just can't stop reading it.
9/3/2005 c20 1ColdFoxx
I really enjoyed this, although I've just read it and you finished a long time ago^^
3/8/2005 c2 The Constant Daydreamer
Hey another wolf story looks great i'll read the rest of it later when I have the time bye
10/28/2004 c20 4Cold Starfire
Oh my god. This story is so good! Please continue it! it is one of the best ones I have ever read!
5/31/2004 c1 31Aedyn Star
wow! this sounds really interesting and when i get a chance i will continue reading. great begining!
12/25/2003 c14 20Silence's Song
What a great chapter! This one put me through an emotional rollercoaster which is always an enjoyable experience. I felt happy at the beginning of the chapter when Char was making friends with the omegas, sad when they found the dead Silverclaws, and happy again when Aira and Mattaho talked. This also developed their characters even more! Just one typo:
"...I don't know, he's a seer, mabey he foretold what was to happen"
Watch those maybes! I do that all of the time too!
12/11/2003 c20 14DigiDayDreamer
Um, it's just me but maybe that cat persuaded Mattaho a little too easily. Otherwise, it's okay and this means Mattaho would meet up with his friends again and. . .Aira! Where was she this whole time?
Well, I'll find out sooner or later.
Confuses me. . .
Spell ya later!
12/11/2003 c19 DigiDayDreamer
Hey, the wolves are starting to rebel now! Poor Graytails though, having to be slaughter just because Mattaho was in it. Tasi and Celine seem like a perfect team.
Well, I found nothing wrong in this chapter, but I wonder who was that voice was.
Spell ya later!
12/11/2003 c20 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
Kinda reminds me of Fire Bringer again, only a bit different. And the wise cat shows him the way. ^_^ though it may be the last time we see her. Nice, now Mattaho is back and ready to roll!
-Belle the Shadow-Cat
12/11/2003 c19 Belle the Shadow-Cat
Bad Nero! And I'm glad Tasi and the other GreyClaws helped Celine and the rest out. And the prophocy again! Awsome. Sorry for the late review. I've been busy. Onto chapter 20
11/10/2003 c13 20Silence's Song
I like this chapter! I definitely like Char and am starting to like Norri even more so than before. And, like I've said before (or I hope I've said before) Mattaho is just plain AWESOME. You really should try to publish this. I would buy it as soon as it appeared in stores.
10/30/2003 c18 2Mignon Dupont
!_! It's getting even better now! Mattaho...^_^ PLEASE CONTINUE! Your story is so interesting and I can't wait till you write more.
10/27/2003 c18 DigiDayDreamer
Sorry I haven't reviewed for so long. Been busy with many stuff.

Hmm, things aren't looking too well without Mattaho around. But now, I'm wondering how old they are. At first, I know they started out as pups but now, it seems like they're teenagers and not omegas anymore. Sort of like the Lion King.

Hmm, quite a coincidence that Aira found Mattaho. But what's with the 3/4 sign everywhere? I couldn't understand it.

But otherwise, it's a good chapter!

Well, until then. . .

Spell ya later!
10/20/2003 c18 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
Oh! So Aira found Mattaho! That's good . . . isn't it. This kind've reminds me of Firebringer a little. Lol. Anyway i liked how Aira was lead to Mattaho, some twist of fate, eh. And the others, boy they look beat. They aren't doing well now that Mattaho has left.

A few problems.

He then spoke to the feline of the house ¾ the gray cat.

3/4? Where did that come from? That happens a few times in this chapter. 3/4 suddenly pops up.

Aira was also hurt psychically and mentally, but she would not give up.

it's physically not psychically.

Just thought you'd like to know.

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