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8/8/2003 c1 laney
Just my little cheer of support. I loved "dialogue" and i love this. Its great to see someone who really knows facts and is willing to debate with others and spread knowledge, because that's what really needs to be done. I hear these same misconceptions about being anti-war ALL the time (pro-saddam, anti-troop, etc etc) and it was fantastic to find someone who could put a response down in words so well. Thanks for battling ignorance, or even just talking through a difference of opinion, in such a productive way.
5/23/2003 c1 SamuraiPlatypus
I have to agree with you on this one. I'm anti-war, but not anti-America. The country has always been founded on protest - starting with the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution, which was just one giant "@#$% you" to the British Monarchy. Just my little responses to mister...whatever his name is...

1) see above

2) The problem with the political animals in Washington is that they keep too many of us ill-fed, ill-ignored, and ignorant while shipping off our young men to die before their lives get a chance to even start. The soldiers, granted, are just doing their jobs. But, given the fact that just about every country has ICBM's that give us all the liberty to stay home and die in bed, nobody can blame the soldiers, and neither has...Mouse1, or whatever she wants to be called (excuse me for not checking before hand.)

3) You can't call facts theories because you disagree with 'em.

4) Hitler was a manipulative bastard who conquered Europe. Saddam is a BUMBLING manipulative bastard who's army gives up and runs every time a conflict starts. Not very much similarity in terms of threat levels.

5) Security by killing people isn't much security at all. people say that to have peace, prepare for war. But shouldn't it be to have peace, prepare for peace? Starting a war to stop a war? How oxymoronic is that? Countries need to take lessons from people. As people, we agree not to punch our neighbor, and he doesn't punch us. That's what we do to survive. If PEOPLE acted like countries did, we'd all be dead. Countries need to submit to general, common sense discipline sometimes. Sure, they'll lose a little dignity and pride, but they'll gain mutual peace. And besides, if you're religious - pride is a sin.

That's all I got to say. I hate this topic. Brings up to much unrest. But I say what I say when I feel the need to say it.

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