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1/24/2004 c1 Wrong Name Tag
(I was reading things on here and a lot of it was really bad so I thought I'd come and read stuff by someone who I know has writings that are very good.)

I'm not as fond of this poem as "Drowning" but maybe that's because I just love drowning for the words and phrases in it. But this one is great, too. You're not bad with poetry! I loved the last stanza with this. It definitely ties the whole poem together and is a great concept. "Because maybe if I don't say a thing at all,/I won't feel so invisible." It's so true, too. Anyway, very nice little poem.

Kudos and daisies.

6/25/2003 c1 22Gevo
good poem! though it's really sad.
6/9/2003 c1 98Not Just a Little Girl
I love this one because i can identify with feeling invisible.

...I just really love this poem!
5/23/2003 c1 34Children of the Root
interesting way to see it. The last part where you say "Because maybe if I don’t say a thing at all, I won’t feel so invisible." Most people would say that saying nothing makes you invisible. But being ignored when you do say something is a worse invisible than not saying anything and just blending in.
5/23/2003 c1 7LikeableTarsier
I've felt like that before...

This is a great poem, really gets your point across and the tone conveys your message, without being annoyingly angsty. (angst is good.. m)
5/22/2003 c1 iridium
I can really empathize with this poem; it really describes what happens to me in school. People are quick to judge someone who looks or acts a little bit different from the norm. I have a hard time with the popular bitches because, since I don't buy expensive Abercrombie&Fitch clothing, they refuse to talk to me, which is really annoying if I'm working in a group on a project or something. Whoo, run-on sentence. ^_^;


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