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for Matthew, the Russian Pizza Delivery boy

10/16/2003 c4 orangefreak33
Dance dance dance dance...ahaha. I remember that. Oh, the dancey goodness. More chapters, please
8/27/2003 c4 2battraven
Heheheh...that's great! Nice work. Keep it up!

- battraven
8/17/2003 c2 6PadawanAmi
I agree with Animagess completely! Me's her sister. This was miscalleniouslly funny! I like the platypus (this is a hard word to spell) and when he attached a (copy and pasted word-)platypus tail on his butt. That was hilerious. Animagess read it to me and now I have to get her to read all the other ones but with a British Accent for the speaking parts...and maybe if I'm lucky, she'll read the WHOLE thing in a Brit accent...heheheh.
8/17/2003 c4 37Animagess
Yeah! You revived the ever-popular 'dance dance end-dance' sequence! That deserves to be copyrighted.

8/17/2003 c3 Animagess
What the critics say about "Matthew the Russian Pizza Delivery Boy":

"Philip P. Guenther's (I don't really know his middle name) literary magnum opus is a literary whirlwind of metaphorical signifigance and insight to the internal psychological turmoil of the post-modern generation mindset as a whole. It encompasses not only the broad spectrum of human's desire to manifest itself as a habitual archtype of the mortal species, but also to establish itself at a lower level of widely varying spectral idealisms. That and it has a platypus in it."

You're still a genius.
8/12/2003 c4 25Soviet
Heh.. funny... very funny.. but un-Russian.. oh well
8/4/2003 c4 8Nyaa
dance dance is back! In a new place! *All cheer for zyblor* You are a genius, by the way. It makes no sense, yet still has the power to have you Roll On the Floor Laughing. More!1 I beg of you!
8/4/2003 c2 Savak
This is... so funny, but so strange... but so funny!
7/29/2003 c1 9speal
Philip, I love you. This is genius, especially the part about pink translucent spandex and the guy thinking, "I'm so glad I'm blind" right after he saw it. And the monkey butler stuff! Where do you get it? It's so great! That story is my little favourite. It's the best insane story never. Just like babblefish would say. "Rawk on"

7/29/2003 c3 3Katiefoolery
More. More more more more more. And some more, please. If you don't mind. I once more applaud the starring role a platypus has in this story. It's superb. No monotreme has ever shone as brightly as this one. In fact, I think you should rename the story - The Adventures of a Stuffed Platypus Who Was Stuck Hanging Around with a Russian Pizza Boy but Couldn't Leave Because of the Pomegranates. I shall end the way I started: More more more more more. Now.
7/19/2003 c2 Margy
in a word, wow! incredibly confusingly hilariose and amazing! one comment if you may, course is spelled the forementioned way, and not coarse. yes, quite brilliant1 it had me clutching my sides with suppressed pain!(becasue i fell on my keyboard whilst scrolling and laughing) anywho, very very good i loved it, publish it, and GO EASTSIDE, GO! o come on, everyone needs some self promotion!
7/19/2003 c2 7ubercognito

You are a bloody genius! Stomp: When Echoes Strike Back...ahahahaha...gyad. Everything in this story is too phenomenal for words. All I can say is this: write more of this brilliant nonsense! Also, this kind of stuff might be handy in debate speeches.
7/19/2003 c2 37Animagess
You're a genius. This is top-quality insanity, none of your garden-variety purple cow tapdancing garbage truck type insanity which all too often permeates the thin flap of tolerance and quality which divides this land and that other one. You know which one. Yeah. That one.

There are not enough letters in the words "write more" to express the "write more-ness" of my desire to read a third chapter.
7/17/2003 c2 2Guenther
Very confusing, but in a funny sort of way. Also, use spell check, it's "of course" not "of coarse"
7/12/2003 c2 3Katiefoolery
I would choose the lightly salted cheese dip. But that salsa looks mighty tempting... No, cheese dip. No, salsa! For the love of ping-pong! The only thing that makes my dilemma worse is that I have neither of these wonderful consumables!

This is a picky note from an Aussie: platypuses are not reptilian! They are monotremes! And freaks! But I heartily approve of your use of a stuffed one in this story.

Please write more of Matthew's adventures. I'm sure I'm not the only one worried about the balance of the universe.
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