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7/8/2004 c8 52Frito the Great
Whee... I love this story so much. I know this is old, I've been reading this story for a year, then I lost it. I loved the Dark Horse, I wish you'd finish it.. if you haven't. O_O Eek. Love it! Bye!
6/24/2004 c8 yeah81
It's not over yet, is it? It can't be over...this story is too good.
2/7/2004 c8 41Jezebel Malice
hey...i've read 'The Dark Horse'
i think i like this better though
keep both up
12/7/2003 c7 178FigureItOut
I read this awhile ago... ch. 7 wasn't up yet, but still, I'm scared, because this story is just crazy and I didn't think anyone had that much talent... *sheepish grin* rambling I know, but It's your fault...
10/4/2003 c8 26sweetspontaneous
i love this. i absolutely love it. about this chapter, in particular, it is difficult to explain exactly how much i *appreciate* the meanings here. ...ack, i'm not making sense today anyway...but thankyou
10/2/2003 c8 bleak reality
There's not much I can say that I haven't said before. Artwork in words girl.

The development of Lauren through this bit of history is really amazing. I would never have guessed she had something like this behind her. How she must have coped with this guilt . . . woah. I'm awed, really.

Love the minibar. Cute ^_^
8/30/2003 c7 52Frito the Great
wow.. somehow missed this chapter a second ago.. anyway, ditto what i said from review from chapter 6!
8/30/2003 c6 Frito the Great
This is a great story.. you may remember my review from ff.net and your story.. er.. i forgot the name, sorry, but it's my fave story on the site.. I like this one better only because I'm going through horrible depression because my best friend.. yeah I'll shut up now.. main point: Great story! Can't wait for the rest!
8/18/2003 c7 she who must not be named
heh.. in that book it says to have a good evil nickname.

but on a more serious note... that chap rocked it on through. your words send me shivers.
8/13/2003 c7 26sweetspontaneous
ack. i'm an addict, absolutely; i'm hooked. every time i read a chapter i end up grinning madly and it doesn't stop for a long time...

this chapter hit closest to the bone of any, so far; i'm feeling shaken, but in a good way.

all this by way of explaining awkwardly and inadequately exactly how much i love this story

...breathless, as always; you can't stop now...
8/13/2003 c7 3leeny pie
i just read all of it. chapter one through seven and all i can say right now is - wow! i really like your style of writing. going from point of view to point of view. and Mick is an awesome character. the one thing that pulls both kate and lauren to think about things a little more clearly.

was one of the characters you by any chance? or at least modeled after yourself? i checked out your webpage and i picked out a few similarities between you and lauren. but perhaps that's just me... except for the chef thing.

IM me or something i'd love to chat.

8/12/2003 c7 ja
yes! new chapter! great chapter, hope u update soon! (im kinda like out of words right now..so til the next chap then!)
7/6/2003 c3 25european coffee addict
Not bad so far. It really feels realistic to me. One of the good stories at FP. :)
7/6/2003 c6 bleak reality
“Kiss me goodbye.”

*Hugs fic to bitsies*

Mick is wonderful, funny but not too much so.

I love Lauren being cautious about hugging Kate. It's such a contradiction that she's so shy but outwardly so confident.

*Hugs fic more* Still amazing, girl!
7/4/2003 c6 ja
Quick update! I love the ending, your ending line was so..true..Yay! now i can sleep peacefully..until tomorrow that is..Lauren's just so brave, splendid attitude. Magnificent characters.
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