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6/3/2015 c59 vanessajhicks
It hurts so bad... I'm in tears.
3/16/2015 c59 OliverMarco
I hate you for killing them ! Like... I loved this story and even fell in love with Matt and then... Shattered !
1/15/2015 c61 Guest
A waste of fucking time. 80% of the story made sense, and then you were like "fuck it". No one needs to see the main characters killed off. A stroke? Heroin? Aerin the Asshole?
7/15/2014 c63 4rockspapersnscissors
Firstly, I offer my condolences to Hope over the loss of her modem.

I hope the two of ya'll can reunite soon! I'm looking forward to any future writings from the two of you.

Overall, I loved the story, the two of you have a very animated way of making the story come to life-! I can't be completely biased... because you killed off my favorite couple and ... er... couples '(/-_-)/... but, I understand my biggest problem with the story was my own hopelessly romantic heart!

The two of ya'll combined so many aspects of life into a single story, though it was an incredibly long read, I enjoyed every chapter! Thanks for the great read, and awesome job, ya'll two! :')

7/15/2014 c62 rockspapersnscissors
The newer ending it cute and sweet, I think for first time readers it would be best, a more 'its for the best' kinda feel towards the ending. However, the original has more angst, and I think it promotes more literary realism toward the overall story... :/ I still hate that they died tho (._)

7/15/2014 c61 rockspapersnscissors
I'm not so sure about the 'bonus' chapter thing... it seems kinda pointless to add a cute chapter of the two after you've killed off the characters!.; ... yes full on snarky attitude intended! :P
7/15/2014 c60 rockspapersnscissors
Are you going with a rebirth thing? O.o I'm kinda confused, I see the similarities tho

BTW: I forgot to mention in the last chapter, you said the age difference between Matt and Sean was 9 months; however, in a previous chapter you said it was 8 months... I'm pretty sure... possibly ... 89%... positive.

7/15/2014 c59 rockspapersnscissors
... Oh... man I'm in total tears right now! :'(
7/15/2014 c58 rockspapersnscissors
OMG! (TT) How could you kill the boys off?!
7/14/2014 c17 rockspapersnscissors
... :'(

That was so mother' f'n evil... how could you do that?

I was like totally crying!

I'm so happy you didn't kill off Matt!

7/14/2014 c16 rockspapersnscissors
Oh my fuck'n god! (TT) HOW COULD YOU KILL MATT?

I'm heart broken right now...
8/10/2012 c6 T.Whittman
Hm seemed like a good story but things went way to fast and seemed unreal sorry but why would he invite someone to there house when they first met instead of like a library.? Gona stop reading here but like this story idea just feel there should be more space between each event.
6/28/2012 c39 3Morpheus' Beloved
i loved this chapter tho i find Nate a lil overdramatic
6/18/2012 c6 1SmileyfaceGurl
I luv it. This is Effin Spaztastic.
3/22/2012 c59 1sunny-california
:'( honestly I really started tearing up when nate died after that is that like adding salt to a wound you stated killing off all these awesome characters. Idk but couldnt there have been a surprising twist ending where in actually nate , jake, mat, and sean were really vampires? Really good story though. One of my favorites.
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