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6/22/2004 c10 don't feel like signing in
wait wait... How can a band become large in a matter of a year?...considering how the band started, it's quite unlikely.
9/13/2003 c10 7SaintEm0
Awesome! OMG! GOOD! GREAT! i love it!

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1/20/2002 c10 Angelee
dat's a pretty good story~ and wut did happen @ 12:15? cmon u can't jus leave us hangin lyk dat!
5/31/2001 c10 2RomanceLUVr
Awesome story.
5/6/2001 c11 Devonny Stratton
Is there another story you wrote? I love this one!
3/7/2001 c11 Freya
Oh! Please, please, please continue!
2/20/2001 c11 the extremelly lazy rain drop I didn't feel like signing in
okay, what happened at 12:15 yesterday afterenoon.. what a way to end it. Geez, some people these days. ANY WAYS HURRY WITH THE NEXT story OR ELSE. Oaky after my ranting that was a great story
2/7/2001 c11 1Krazy Kristen
hey this was really cute! u should be really truly proud.
2/4/2001 c11 10chevere
huh... but what was the thing that went wrong in 8a?
1/28/2001 c1 1Chigliak
Er...no comment.
1/8/2001 c1 1Arianwen
yay! i wanna know whos in the limo! ahhh so much to read and so little time! ahh!
1/8/2001 c1 c
1/3/2001 c1 PallaPalla
This is a pretty good fic, and I do want to know what happens next.
1/1/2001 c1 lulu
are you gonna write more? what happens next?
12/14/2000 c1 1Cuaima
Uh- oh? And yes, that girl is problably youger than me, because she's soooooo childish... I don't envy her mind capacity, but I do envy all those facilities.
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