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for Winds of Change Formerly Betrayed

8/29/2007 c16 4Nicole Deming
I just wanted to tell you that I really liked your book. I am looking forward to the epilogue.
11/9/2003 c16 2Laralie
Aw so sweet. Im glad it all worked out. YEAH FOR CLAIRE!
11/9/2003 c16 13Coral Chimera
Great ending, lovely story! I enjoyed the fic immensely, keep writing.
11/4/2003 c15 Coral Chimera
Hey, cool story you have here, would like to know how the whole story resolves...good suspense elements!
10/29/2003 c14 11jules2206
aw so sweet, I really hope they do find his dad, please update soon, BUHBAI!
10/28/2003 c14 2Laralie
10/14/2003 c13 11jules2206
hey so cool. love it update soon BAI!
10/14/2003 c13 2Laralie
FINALLY Claire admits it...unfortunately it looks like thing wont be perfect QUITE yet. But then again maybe if he does die then they really can move on with their lives once and for all...
10/11/2003 c12 11jules2206
hey gr u didnt update so mean please beg beg beg update soon, BAI!
10/6/2003 c11 2Laralie
Dun dun dun dun...I have no idea what it could possibly be.
10/5/2003 c11 3Celestial Apparition
pictures of criminals or of Claire and Peter or of Kimmy and some guy or of illegal things that get Cliare and Peter arrested. lol sorry...imagination and hyperness don't work well together. lol

~*Much Love*~

10/1/2003 c10 2Laralie
God Poor Claire...I would be so devestated if I were her. And know around her seems to really get it. Her best friend thinks she was "helping" her and Peter doesnt seem to fully get it either. She obviously did love her fiance some, in order to want to marry him.
10/1/2003 c4 4Lia Crystal
yo! i'm really digging this story-can't wait to read the rest. the dialogue is superb! keep up the good writing!
9/21/2003 c9 2Laralie
They are so meant to be. I like how you showed what happened from her point of view. She seems to have changed a lot over the years though.
9/17/2003 c8 5Dreaming Rhapsody
nice story...err, is Kimmy backstabber or does she want to help?
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