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for True Friendship

6/5/2003 c1 Nick
This is a really good poem. One of the best poems I've read. You are a great author.
5/30/2003 c1 98hurtmushroom
This is so beautiful and so true! Friendship is a great think and you expressed in very well in your poem!

cio, hoellenwauwau
5/26/2003 c1 64not sure yet
aw, very sweet and true, it really is a blessing to have true friends, some people arent so lucky or have a harder time getting them, nice poem, again, very sweet, awesome job!
5/26/2003 c1 William Deschain
How true. You must be careful of the things you do. Hurting someone you love is the worst thing in the world, and there's no such thing as "no regrets" when that situation rolls around. Friends are important to everyone. No one can get through life alone.

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