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for the empty house

8/27/2005 c1 34gc-rocks2009
omg that is soo sad... is it tru? if so i am so sorry... it is really good keep writingrachelps if you have a min. plz r and r my stuffthanks
8/3/2005 c1 23amegakorobu
how does this make you feel like a goth. i didn't read nothing about vampires and heavy metal music, lol
7/18/2005 c1 4antidote
Woah. Deja-vu! That happened to me. Like, exactly. Except no one came in. And I didnt die in the end. Like how how certain people had imagined. Still. I like it. Really awsome job.
5/19/2004 c1 BlackVelvet
It was beautiful
1/6/2002 c1 3Raven11
how sad...maby you are a goth at heart...loved it.
11/18/2001 c1 13mystic wolf
*blinkblink* wow. I liked the simile 'like pebbles to the floor' and the lines 'ten rings. Twelve. Fifteen. still' that one just really jumped out at me. *shrugs* dont' ask why.. could be the fact that i'm on codeine right now @
4/27/2001 c1 s.o.s too lazy to sign in
this really happenened... yep sounds like life to throw something like that in front of ya! great poem, well written. sos
12/5/2000 c1 Sarie Sprite
Need a hug? :(
12/5/2000 c1 2K. Kofsuske
Well, that was depressing.
12/4/2000 c1 13Dr. Tamwe
Um... it didn't format right. So now it reads like one big run-on sentence.

But at least it's not chopped all to hell like at poetry.com

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