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12/23/2003 c1 29slumberdoll
awesome poem. o(^-^)o
9/30/2001 c1 sos
... yeah... this is brillant... everyone has a mask... youve delt wiht only one type though.. I like it.. you do it really well... although i can't relate personly its easy to see this type of mask everywhere.. sos
8/26/2001 c1 7FyireChildesDream
very deep...ummmm...most people live like this, hipocracy is part of human nature and our masks, armor, or other means of hiding our selves are tools of survival thrust upon us by conformative societies
7/6/2001 c1 6knrvDZHDdE
*sniff* That's really sad, it digs right down to the emotions. I think it would go good with "Reflection" off of Christina Aguilera (although I like the Disney version better). It's really good, and straight from the heart... (or is it?) Anyways, it' awfully depressing, but worth the read :)
6/4/2001 c1 owner of harrry's dark green sheets
lexa! i love this poem! don't get rid of it! please! it's really good!
5/2/2001 c1 18ACM a.k.a. Annie May
A very emotional poem. I can identify with it completely.
4/11/2001 c1 41Desolate Warrior
WOW, I loved that. Great job. Yeah, you and me, mental institution... do they actually give us pens to write on the walls? They didn't give any to *me*! Anyway, I enjoyed this poem. Congrats on a job well done.
3/9/2001 c1 16Archaic Tears
nice..masks..comfy aren't they..good poem P.M.S (post more soon.)-sky
2/25/2001 c1 2Yak Yomoto Ashitaka Kytoshi
Very well written. It is really really good. Bye

Email at I can relate to this poem. I am one of the kids who is made fun of. Bye

11/25/2000 c1 1Tsukino Chou
beautiful...absolutely gorgeous.
11/24/2000 c1 8Morgana
Ooooh. I liked it a lot. It rings very true. I guess even truer for me, because I used to be a 'hypocrite', or at least sort of. Since I started writing I'm not anymore. At all. Back to the poem. It was great. Good language, nice rhthym(sp?)... overall a very nice piece.
11/24/2000 c1 chase
wow, that is really good its really deep too
11/14/2000 c1 girl poisons boy
Wow, this is good..
11/14/2000 c1 1dLQ77
OOOOOHHHH that is so good
6/7/2000 c1 DarkMeh
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