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for Resistance? What Resistance?

1/4/2004 c2 10Mobius Soul
Hey! This is quite good. You write more, y'hear?
12/25/2000 c1 Lily Rose Granger
Hmm . . . a new twist on the alien story, or just another P.O.S.? *laughs* I'm kidding, Alanrie! Geez. Seriously, though, dear, PULEASE let me beta-read your stories BEFORE you put them here. *smiles* Other than that, I canna wait for more!
12/6/2000 c1 8Firespark
I liked it..so I'm reviewing it...ummmm continue it, it's good.
12/4/2000 c1 11Kilroy
I thought it was pretty good. A question. Maybe you'll answer it in a future installment (if you write any). Did the alien do some time-travelling? Because it would've had to for Derk's locker to be taken and his girlfriend to be wrapped around Luke so quickly. Oh, I noticed that you reviewed "Just One Sunrise." Wanna review some of my other ones? There are a few that are a little review-hungry. By all means, please continue this story. It's good.
12/4/2000 c1 41Willum
You may continue it, it has been enjoyed. Okay, okay...ehm...interesting set up so far, would like to see where it goes. Please continue with it. Better?

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