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for I Hate You

6/16/2003 c1 chris
yo, this poem was off the hizzle fo shizzle dizzle. I thought ti was rather tight so if u got any haters tell em 2 step off. You got skill fo shizzle sista so stay real and do yo thang. Im out. Two fingas.
6/12/2003 c1 Andrew
I like this poem. Regardless of what people may say about your poetry u have to remember one thing: its yours so screw everyone else. With that in mind, constructive critism is always well appreciated. I like this poem because it uses such a strong emotion and emphasises it throgh the whole thing. Then, when u think it's done, it ends it by saying something completely contradictory: "why should i be the one in despair?".
6/8/2003 c1 4Digsa2003
I know how you could have probably felt in this poem, but you were right in the summary. Hate is much too storng a word to describe how someone feels about someone else. We say "I hate you" one time or another, but we know we don't mean it. We're just misusing the term. But you never know, someone might take it to heart... Anyway, great work. I like it, but it's a bit too strong.

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