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for Forever Haunted: revised

6/11/2005 c7 neko-neko-neko
hey! took me long enough to post my last review! *lol* i liked the warmth that this fiction ended with..the fact that two people who never thought they would ever have anything to do with each other ended up complementing each other's lives. and the mystery that it left, the question as to what would become of the house, or whoever stumbles into it in the future...are all left for a sequel to answer...

hm, i love the story as it is, and the mystery that it left. and since you still got i handful of fictions for me to read, i wouldn't mind if you don't make a sequel, or it takes you long to write one...but i'll be around to read it if you decide to post!

kudos teresz-chan! *huggles*
2/2/2005 c7 4Your Anti-Drug
Okay, I think the story started out without enough background info and was tre rushed and there wasn't enough feeling. ::please don't kill me, there's more:: But I loved the plot. I loved the CONCEPT of the whole story. I loved the characters. I loved the supernatural aspect and I loved the facing the fears thing. You should DEF do a sequel, unless you have and I didn't see it? Tre amazing-o. *kaylee
2/2/2005 c1 Your Anti-Drug
Ohh very cute story. Thr first part especially was EXTREMELY well written. I like your descriptions of how it was outside. *My mini flame: I think there should be more background info* Anyway, it's too late to really have any effect. I like this story + 4.
8/9/2004 c1 10Yingzha
Wow that was awesome! The whole scary freaky story twisted into getting someone to reveal their true feelings for each other! I loved it ^_^ It's truly awesome, I'm glad I got to read it when it was finished hehehe then I wouldn't have to wait =P anyways awesome story!
7/26/2004 c7 5RealityBites289
This was really great. I was really suprised, not by the fact that it was great but by how much the characters changed throughout the whole thing, they were really well developed. The plot was great too, and I loved the ending.
3/4/2004 c7 32caks
sequelsequelsequel! please! omg this is a really good story- not too much romance either, which is kinda annoying sometimes.
i really want to see what happens to them all!
and i liked the scary bits cuz they were not TOO scary- ive never seen a scary movie they scare me too much lol bu this one didnt
great job love it!
12/21/2003 c1 Grl-All-Da-Bad-Guys-Want
Totally cool.
7/9/2003 c7 4everandaday
YES! CONSENTRAITE ON “In the Dark.” It is the BEST story that i have read yet. This story is good too, but “In the Dark.” is a bit more captivating...
7/5/2003 c7 78penster
You should deffinately do a sequel! I loved that one-it's a keeper!
7/3/2003 c1 3cinnamin girl
okay nice place to stop.. but you dont have to put so much space in between the paragraphs...
6/29/2003 c7 19Pothe
WOO! WAY TO USE THE FORCE CHRISTIAN! love the ending poem. cliche'd but nicely so. great story.

6/13/2003 c7 8furry creature

honestly, write a sequel. that was great! no criticisms, but when you do that_ its normaly... instead. other than that, great±!
6/12/2003 c7 GinnyYvette
i think you should do a sequel. the way you ended it left it open for a good sequel. but if not, it was still really good! :)

6/12/2003 c6 neko-neko-neko
Oh geez… I was reading this at dawn, ALONE, and I tell you-it gave me the creeps! The descriptions were horrifyingly appealing and 'scary' *shivers* this has got to be the scariest chapter so far! And… uh… just when it's getting better and better, you go and tell me the next chapter's gonna conclude this all? oh, pal, you really need to write that sequel. I demand you ^_^

You've done a great job with this. and I hope you're not serious when you said you're gonna wait for a month before you update this… I know how you must be feeling about ending a fiction. I like this fiction myself and I really will miss it after the last chapter, but pls. don't be too harsh! We do need to know how this is gonna end, y'know ^_^ Then, you can post the sequel after that!

Kudos, teresz-chan! *huggles tight*
6/12/2003 c5 neko-neko-neko
Er… her? Who's her? Why don't they just jump Christian and pull the truth out from his mouth? He's really getting intriguingly annoying, I swear!

But the next chappie will reveal some of those secrets, right? Well, it SHOULD! Or I'll be the one to jump yah and pull them all off-no, just kidding. I'm still sane, see? And I'm moving on. It's the last chapter for today though… I sure hope it won't keep me hanging ^_^
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