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for The Beginning Of The Dragon Slayers

6/15/2003 c1 Kihru
kewl story!is that the same teral as in paper dragons?

6/1/2003 c1 3Handmaster
This is a good story so far, and I hope you will continue it. Just a few things though. It would be great if you would detail a little more what's going on around them. Your doing fine on the characters, but when it comes to battle scenes and such it helps a lot if you help the reader see exactly what's going on. All in all, a good story that I hope you will continue.
5/30/2003 c1 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
Nice. ^_^ thanks for the review and constructive criticisisim. I noticed that the characters are not as developed as i like them to be. But i get more into them as time goes on. I'll describe the settings more from now on. Look out for chapter 8 err 9 if you count the a/n i worte a time ago. It'll be out soon. I'm glad that we have the same intersts! And Cytosine dismissed it as Coincidence because:

1. She didn't know about the prophocy, and even when the Cerberus told it to her, she didn't understand it. She thought it was just a piece of mumbo-jumbo.

2. She really doesn't realize how relivent it is. Besides why should she care? She's just leading him to mt. Dragon. Well so far anyway ^_^

And no one should kill Dragons. Die people. The dragons havn't done much to them. WAR! I hope you continue this! Thanks for your e-mails especially the 'toast one" LOL. Sirius! Reminds me of Harry potter. I hope you continue this. iT's really cute.

p.s (the dragon walks upright, like a human would, on two legs.) with two claw hands (think t-rex like hands ya know) But longer and not so short. Remind me to clarify that. Some people imagine dragons walking upright, or on four paws. So that'd make the Sun mark on his right Claw hand, not his foot. Sorry for confusing you. Great STORY. Love it.

-Belle the Shadow-Cat

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