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5/27/2003 c1 5R.C.Polk
Nice idea for a story, the biggest weakness is that the first chapter doesn't catch me that much, always nesscary. Good luck, nice story.

Future King of China,

R.C. Polk
5/27/2003 c4 2NthNinth
interesting start. "The woman in white" reminds me of "the woman in red" from the matrix
5/27/2003 c4 7Destin
cool ! Micheal Sain is so cool. Please write more. I hope this one day does become a comic book. I would buy it. Your writing more right ?

O and if you want , you don't have too but I want my story to become a anime. If you want you can read a story and tell me what you think.

Please update soon. I would be soo happy. O and if I have room , I'm putting you into my favorite authors. Sorry if I don't have room. If I don't I'll just look at the fantasy section to see if this is updated. Please update soon.

-Destin Scar
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