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3/13/2004 c17 27live fast die pretty
Woman you rock! I lurve you! Write something! I wanna read some more Kali stuff!
3/6/2004 c17 2October Sky
Aww...! Good ending! Perfect!
+_+ Inu Lover
3/6/2004 c3 October Sky
That was okay. It was a little confusing. You should try spacing dialogues out more.
+_+ Inu Lover
10/24/2003 c16 amy
awesome! very dramatic lol..good job gnometipper! :)
10/24/2003 c16 amy
awesome! very dramatic lol..good job gnometipper! :)
8/16/2003 c17 Blackest Crystal
OMG i loved your story it was great. it had all the ingredients for a great story. I cant believe its over though. Thanks for writing it I enjoyed it very very very much.. as did all of my friends.. i told everyone about this story and they all love it. Keep writing more stories i love your work.
8/8/2003 c15 27live fast die pretty
Amazing! its truly an amazing story... YOU END CHAPTERS WITH THE MOST SATANIC CLIFFHANGERS... e mail or im me to talk ^.^ bbl

8/2/2003 c15 2Special Ed
AH! AH AH AH AH AH! nononononononononono! *dies* you take FOREVER TO POST and now leave me with a cliffhanger! gr no...this is NOT fair. lol ^_^ you have no clue how long i've been waiting for this chapter! *growls* you had BETTER update soon. lol gr. nice chapter. Can't wait to see what Carl does. POST SOON!

bye *disappears*
6/29/2003 c13 shell25
oh...wow...u write vewwy vewwy god! ;)

more ppl should be reviewing your story! its great!

well, hope u update soon

pz out

6/29/2003 c13 Blackest Crystal
Wow... thats a great cliffhanger. Can't wait to read the rest. You hvae got me to read all the chapters in a few hours... i usually stop in the middle..but i just cant. Hurry up with the new chapters soon! I cant wait
6/27/2003 c13 Special Ed
NO! *dies* you. are. so. mean. ARG! seriously! you leave us haning w/ a thread of anticipation about to SNAP! I'm gonna die! hurry up and type! this is so good but you leave us w/ a short chapter and a note saying it may take a WHILE until you post next. *sniff* how will I live with out this story! ^_^ okies a little dramatic but this is really suspenseful! hurry and write.

PEACE! ^_^

P.S. *cries* are you done the next chapter yet? lol jk ^_^

6/27/2003 c13 4Robbit
DUNDUN DUN! whats gonna happen? update soon please!

6/26/2003 c12 2Special Ed
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! Where is the next chapter! ah! Carl must save Adrian! no! this is terrible! lol ^_^ ok I am getting a bit carried away...but I'm really worried...POST SOON-very soon.

A complete scared person who needs the next chapter of this story.
6/26/2003 c11 Special Ed
AH! her bare hands...i don't think i can look...but I must since if I don't I'll go mad and have to be sent to the men in the white coats...oh wait I already am bwahahahhahahaha jk ^_^ mep! this is scary lol

th3 1nk573r
6/26/2003 c10 Special Ed
NO! don't promise! she's evil she's evil! oh no...stupid CARL! gosh I was starting to like him...well I do but he's just being stupid. :o okies good job keep writing ^_^

~The Inkster~
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