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for The Perfect Guy

8/6/2004 c1 49SleepDontWeep
awh dat was adorable! really well written yet so freakin cute! u seem like u have a talent for romance poems. well done keep it up!ive got a favor to ask. wud u mind reviewin my story 'thats not how it happened' please! id really like ur opinion! anyways well done again and love ya xx
12/2/2003 c1 3Enchantressofthestars
That's really pretty, i like the part that goes, my heart travels to the moon, good job!
8/14/2003 c1 funkeemunqee
aw. i'm like gushing over this, but it's sweet! :D
6/19/2003 c1 16kaika switched
Nice piece. I like the rhyming pattern, how the words flow. Keep writing!
6/10/2003 c1 8Jewel2828
Really good poem! I can like connect with it kinda, because thats how I feel about this one guy.. hehe, I won't name who though, because there are people spying on me... ah paranoid lol.

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