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for Eternity

5/18/2005 c1 25John Enverga
I thought this was pretty interesting. It's also a pretty good answer to the question, "Why are we here?".
1/11/2003 c1 Guest
that was rather...interesting...
4/21/2002 c1 3shades of grey
a little bit confusing, but that just adds to its effect. thought provoking. makes you feel small. a very interesting idea. i really like it.
3/21/2002 c1 alphabet
Wow. Great little perspective piece there. It makes you think, doesn't it? Nice job.
9/3/2001 c1 Lady Daisy
wow! that certainly puts everything in perspective.
12/6/2000 c1 13Virtex
That was awesome! That was just so cool! Good job!
12/6/2000 c1 Bronte
ok, Daniel, This is a really cool story. What a great imagination you have. I will look very differently on snow globes from now on. In fact I may have to get rid of any I have 'Just In Case'!

and MMMM, which one were we?

12/5/2000 c1 7Planeswalker
12/5/2000 c1 41Willum
I knew we were here for someone's amusement.

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