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1/15/2004 c14 5mikeharm
i think you're a great author... i love this story, although having played and hated 'the getaway', the vocabulary is highly annoying sometimes, and a little over-used.
i dont know. just, having been to bristol, it just seems a little unreal.
no offense intended.
11/21/2003 c14 47i was a postcard
Oh. Man, if I wasn't on a caffiene high I might have cried. I'm starting the sequel later today or tomorrow. But man that was good! The characters seemed so real, and the ending was great...tragic but realistic. Sort of reminds me of the end of Roman Holiday...anyways, this was great. You're a wonderful author. =D
11/16/2003 c4 Write Me Thrilled
i was write (hehe did u get it, a lil authors joke) greg is a jerk. But Sam is da bomb even if he is a druggie
11/16/2003 c1 Write Me Thrilled
greg is starting to sound like an ass
11/16/2003 c2 Write Me Thrilled
o gotta read the rest
11/16/2003 c3 Write Me Thrilled
great absolutely great
10/2/2003 c14 Apathetically Speaking
Your soo cool.

So is your story. Sam is fucking hot.
9/14/2003 c13 Ann
Hey, I loved this story. If you do end up having a sequal, or if one's already out I'd like to know! Thanks, Ann
9/13/2003 c13 1J.M.W
Oh, that is really good. A sequal would be much appresiated. I loved the charaters as well. There was a lot of heart in this story. Thanks so much!
9/9/2003 c13 crossed Ts
Sam's really nice, but a god awful tour guide. *grin* It's so sad that she decided to go back to America. Well, that's what the story's about aye. I thougt the letter bit at the end was a excellent touch. Brilliant way to finish a good story. Now i'll go off to review the squel aye. see you in the next review.Cheers mate.
9/4/2003 c13 Reesie06
Bloody hell... I'm a hell of a sucker for romance. I cried like the biggest baby reading the last chapter and Sam's letter to Rachel. *sigh* Love isn't perfect. Great writing, Shelly. Beautifully done. :D
9/2/2003 c13 Rebecca
Beautiful story and I look forward to tomorrow (I'm about to go to bed now) when I can read other stories that you have written.

And now here comes my prude-ish, morally side of me:

Does abstinence mean nothing? Sex sex sex! Can't people be in love without sex? DAMMIT!

That's over with :) I'm such a prude XD

Keep writing, and I really hope that you write a book and get it published someday.

Oh, and here's my animal-lover self: THE DOG HAD BETTER NOT DIE!

Okee dokee? Thanks for providing such wonderful literature for me to read.
8/30/2003 c13 Guest
yeah, you better have a damn sequel! :)
8/26/2003 c1 NotExactlyJuliet
Good start, I look foward to reading the rest when I get my laptop fixed. Please check out my stories as well!
8/26/2003 c13 Midnight Owl
so sad! sorry it took so long to review i thought you were finished when u wrote chap. 8! i really love this story and i am SO HAPPY that you have posted a sequel. update soon, please and i loved getting your comments on my story...(sniff) where'd they go?(tear..) so SAD! continue sequel soon!
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