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8/20/2003 c13 2Lena Carta
There's nothing to criticise, clearly. =] Only thing that would possibly make it better is British-ising a couple parts. Like Brits say, "I went to hospital" instead of "I went to the hospital." I don't know why, just all my British friends do it. And on Sam's note, I guess just spell "color" as "colour" instead, some rather small things like that. Maybe toss in a couple prats in place of tossers and such, just for spice. You did great, though, and I actually only noticed that stuff on the... third read-through, I think it was. Hehe. Yes, it was good enough that I read it three times and that's only in the past 24 hours.
8/18/2003 c13 30Menarae
Aw...I am such a friggin' sap.

I would love to see a sequel to the story of Sam and Rachel, because the story so far is so real, down-to-earth, and damned believable, it's fun to read.

I don't even think I can come up with a weak point for it. And I don't know if I should apologize for that or not...constructive is better than praise, I know, but, well. Yeah, you get the picture.

I think I'm gonna shut up before I write an essay on this piece.
8/17/2003 c13 5Elven Fire
yes...sequel. sequel would be very nice. please?
8/16/2003 c13 18Aidrianna
but...thats the end? no! that can't be the end! no! thats so sad, omg. no. sad. you need a sequel. you fully need a sequel. fully. omg. that was so sad. okay...don't think im crazy when i say this but i actually dreamt i was like in this story, and they ended up getting married, so you have to do that, lol. because i said so! :-P i bet you think im nuts now dont you?
8/16/2003 c13 1Shalea
Oh my god! Never had I had a story bring me to almost tears. I loved this story. AND NOW IT'S OVER! Come on, SEQUAL! Sam and Rachel HAVE to be together. Plez? God, I love this story so very much. lol.

8/16/2003 c13 2GothicFlavor
Aw. That was so cute. But geez louis. I wanted the story to go on longer. I think I might cry now that it is over...

Those were great chapters. It was an excellent ending as well. I applaud you on this story and think you should get it published or something.

I hope you write a sequal to this VERY soon. HAha. I can't wait to read more of your work!

8/16/2003 c13 1Nikki5

so sad


you have to do a sequel!

8/16/2003 c13 firess
yay for sequels, they rock. specially on a greato story like this one.
8/16/2003 c13 xdemolitionxloversx
You better have a sequal or I will hunt you down and force you to write one! I wanna see what happens! If Rachel goes back to London, if Sam pays Conner, if they get maried, if Samantha and Ben get married! All of it! So please write one...and I loved your story..Sam is so..sweet! hehehe...SEQUAL! much love...okinawa baby
8/15/2003 c13 1Moiraevyn

*sits and waits, staring at the screen*


... Nah, seriously. Terrific story, I'm glad it's done and all, but now you have to write more. :)
8/15/2003 c13 anonymous
this was a great, heartfelt story. i liked how you made each of the characters have his/her personal flaws and issues that made them seem more real. i'm also wondering whats gonna go down with the connor and sam deal, so you better have a sequel! keep up the awesome work! =)
8/15/2003 c13 6Lisa0211
Yes! A sequel...if they don't end up together at the end of it I SWEAR...well I don't know what I would do...but still...I would be very sad and I would cry...hehe. great story though. i really love sam. she can't do that to him...she really can't. write more and more and more and at the end have them end up together. ~Lisa~
8/15/2003 c12 Lisa0211
Whoa! Wait...that's it? No sequel? What happens? What an idiot! She has to stay...that's so sad...nope, I demand a sequel...like...now! Poor them. How could she just leave? can't he go with her? arg!
8/14/2003 c10 Lisa0211
Ok, she definately needs to stay! she HAS to stay. I love sam...he's awsome. I want a loser like that...well, without the 'drug guy wanting to beat him up' problem attached of course. hehe. great job. write more soon. ~Lisa~
8/14/2003 c10 1Shalea
Geez! after two days of bein' posted i finally got to read it. IT WAS GREAT! Poor Sam. You can't have Rachel not love him! SHE OBVIOUSLY DOES! lol. UPDATE!

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