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8/13/2003 c10 18Aidrianna
hmm...im about as confused as she is. i dont know what she should do either. but she loves sam. maybe she can get sam to come to america. that would work. america always needs more english fellows. lol. i love this story. its great. and i love english fellows. lol.
8/13/2003 c10 2GothicFlavor
Good, you should feel good about your story because it is AWESOME! Anyways! Rachel can't tell Sam she doesn't love him, that would ruin him and her! Did they just leave Trevor locked in the car the whole night. Tsk tsk. I cannot wait for the next chapter! My life is sad, this is what I get excited about. Oh well! Keep up the good work and update VERY soon.
8/12/2003 c9 2infinitas
i enjoy this story very much. nice music taste =P

oh yes...steam will rise, silverchair, ne? good song, though lacking in the lyrics department.
8/11/2003 c9 4your name here
Oh, come on! that cliffhanger was NOT FAIR! I love your characterization, especially of Sam. He's very realistic, and I just like his character a lot. And if you kill his dog, I think I'll cry. PLEASE update this soon! It's really great. :)
8/11/2003 c9 18Aidrianna
no! cliffhangers are bad! yucky! no! bad! *sigh* why must you do this to us?
8/11/2003 c9 Elven Fire not signed in
0.0; no! sam can't DIE!
8/11/2003 c9 2GothicFlavor
Ah. Poor poor Samuel. I don't want Rachel to leave him all alone! Anyways, great chapter. Sad, but great at the same time. You know, you are probably one of the best writers on ff.com. Most of the other stories I liked start out really good, but slowly get worse. But you have kept this whole story amazing. We should have a party for you! Cheers!
8/11/2003 c9 1Moiraevyn
Excellent story. I enjoy reading it, and I'm glad you're back and reviewing again. I was wondering for a while there. :) Anyway, keep it up and don't end the story *too* soon. I'm glad there's an author here that can take a story to the point where you're just not sure whether there'll be a happy ending or not.
8/11/2003 c9 1Shalea
OH come on don' leave us hangin' like that! What's happened to Sam. I need to know. UPDATE!

8/10/2003 c8 Aldy
Ah! This story is so so so good. I'll be depressed when it ends. But, I'm sure in time I MIGHT be able to get over it. Anyways, I went to your website and saw taht picture of Sam, and he's cute. I was wondering where you got thsoe pictures or if you could post more? Is that blond girl suppose to be Rachel? Because if it is, then I like it and would also like to see more pictures of her too...if you have time. But, back to the story. You are an awesome writer. Even though these characters are fictional you make it seem like I am standing right next to them and like I know them and have for a really long time. I love Sam and Rachel. They are awesome-possum. Keep up the good work!
8/9/2003 c8 18Aidrianna
aww that was sad. and the ataris are great, arent they? i want that cd. thanks for updating your story, thats gone and made me happy. :-)
8/9/2003 c8 firess
tis a good story. good chapter. keep it going por favor.
8/9/2003 c7 firess
hey uh how did he know exactly where sams, uh, nuts, were? was he not wearing clothes or what? good chapter tho. i like this story.
8/9/2003 c8 1Nikki5

can't wait to see what happens next

update soon
8/9/2003 c8 1Shalea
Great chapter. Update. Plez?

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