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8/9/2003 c8 2GothicFlavor
Only a few more chapters? No, I want it to go on for a really long time. Maybe Sam could go to American with Rachel and then everyone will forget all about the drug dealers and such. Fantabulous chapter! Update soon!
7/19/2003 c7 xdemolitionxloversx
You better update! Your stories are bloody good! Some of the best I've ever read=) update SOON!
7/6/2003 c1 6stuCkred88
Wow! This is really good! Pretty much anything that has an American thrown in London is a good idea!

6/29/2003 c7 18Aidrianna
aw! yay! you know what i just started to wonder? why's this called 8 of 9? oh well. im seriously enjoying your story though. its lovely.
6/29/2003 c7 bloomangel
how sweet! i loved it! oh! and im glad we found out exactly what part jessica/jess played in sam's life, that really helps a lot. and that frank guy, pretty gross what he did to sam, i mean, even if i was mad i wouldnt grab a girl's boob. thats just wrong...but then again, look at who frank is-is that his real name? and am i right in assuming that connor is the guy who sam owes money to? or is he just another guy working for "guv" or whoever? hm, well, i loved this chapter, great job following up on that mysterious ending to the last chapter :) and great job with the emotions too! you did really well conveying sam's feelings for jess and rachel. im interested to know more about his mother, too...well, hope you post soon!
6/29/2003 c7 Nicki
Dang it! i luv this story! but im disappointed...nah nah not like that...theres not another chapter for me to read! hurry...its great!
6/29/2003 c7 2GothicFlavor
Aw. My goodness that is adorable! They love eachother yay! When his balls get better let them has sex again. I need a sex scene. I know, I am a dirty girl. Hahha.
6/29/2003 c7 3fuzzinuzzi421
6/29/2003 c7 1Shalea
Nice story. I like. Update plez?

6/29/2003 c6 3fuzzinuzzi421
Tre cool.

Onward and forward.
6/29/2003 c5 fuzzinuzzi421
yeah it was kind of fast
6/29/2003 c4 fuzzinuzzi421
She isn't mad/sad enough.
6/29/2003 c3 fuzzinuzzi421
Still like it.
6/29/2003 c7 1Nikki5

that was really good

aww they're in love

update soon please!
6/29/2003 c2 3fuzzinuzzi421
Aw she's falling for 'im!
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