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6/10/2003 c3 3Like Silver
I really really like your story so far - it's really cute, and I loved the synopsis (which, by the way, you're sticking to very well)

the dialouge is a insy bit choppy, though. but overall, great job.
6/9/2003 c3 1acsbabyangelgirl
Wow, very good! I'm impressed. I haven't see any romances this good since the days of Jenna80 and swenglish on ff.net. I really like it.
6/9/2003 c3 Carina
Hey this sounds good so far. Though the characters seem a bit young. How many eighteen year olds move into an apartment with a boyfriend if the have a stable life?
6/8/2003 c3 11Jacaranda
This is so funny in places .. "Are you a lesbian?" "Secretly." That's classic. Anyway, more soon please?
6/8/2003 c3 Deadly Quiet
YAY! Well, I liked it, whether you think it was horrible or not. You go through a lot typin' this story with all the little accent things. Its a hard task, I realize. Keep it comin'. I love it. Toodles.

And yes, I love it like a baby loves food. Incredible bond, that is.
6/8/2003 c3 beautifuletdown
im really liking this so far! I especially love all the english slang. (Though I'm not at all a fan of The Streets)
6/7/2003 c3 9Lyssa O
aww, this story's cute. and i must agree, you have good taste in music =)

keep up the good work
6/7/2003 c3 4EmNight87
Wow, this is really good so far. Sorry this is a terribly short review, but it's the best I can do. I look forward to reading more!
6/7/2003 c3 2Laralie
Yeha you updated! I like your characters alot. Rachel and Samantha remind me of me and my friends. I like Sam, he sounds like a cutie. Keep writing, this is very entertaing.
6/6/2003 c1 Laralie
Hey great story so far! London is my favorite city and I loved reading about it. The characters are entertaining and I like the slang, but you forgot two very important ones: Bloody and Bugger. They use bloody every third word over there. I've been in the London Eye (It goes REALLY slow) and I am hoping to see more Landmarks in the story. Keep it coming, great so far!
6/4/2003 c2 20soundtrack to screwups
Lovely... I love it like a baby loves food.
6/3/2003 c2 6Lisa0211
She touched a nerve, neh? haha. i love that. hehe i love girls with spunk..even if they do lead boring lives...then it makes me seem less pitiful. well write more. i love your work!
6/1/2003 c1 Lisa0211
Hey, this is pretty good. It has a nice "flow" the plotline moves well. I hope you write more soon. what's a "tosser" by the way. forgive my ignorance in the area of British slang.
6/1/2003 c1 beautifuletdown
its good:) lots of potential here, i cant wait to read more.
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