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9/11/2003 c1 amicusveritas
I seldom see what others might,

but therein I sense a touch of fright.

At leaving ones destiny

in the hands of others...you see...

Though they be lesser class

and surely tobacco is now, crass

still when the scent of fear arises

even the high and mighty, apprises

the nature of the beast...

to say the least...

9/3/2003 c1 6Zurizip
Interesting...reminds me of the time our bus couldn't get up the hill because of the snow...of course, I had to walk home in a foot of snow in the end, but ah well...

It was still good...
7/23/2003 c1 90SweetGrape

All the familiar frustrations of bus-riding, though buses are better here.

This thing's just funny- Weird Al type of song. Good rhythms and rhyming- makes a great song if you've got a good tune.

'Victim of the weather's war', nice phrase!

Quite a few Biblical allusions and then a cathedral- subliminal?;)

It's cool to think of such an everyday thing like this, like something so precious.
7/18/2003 c1 Dessert Recipe
Lol, I know you're talking about British public transport but I swear it sounds JUST LIKE the transit system in Vancouver. Ahh, memories. Such a messy, disorganised system and yet so much better than in Perth, where buses are like trains and you have to memorize a %$#@! TIMETABLE if you don't like potential 45-minute waits. But I'm getting off track here :)

Well, this little song...it's DIFFERENT, that's for sure...and it's quite amusing too. I like the rhyming scheme. Nice.

7/10/2003 c1 James Jago
And you think YOU have bus-related problems?

Have you ever had to sit next to a hyperactive eleven-year-old girl singing songs by Justin Timberlake, like I did on my way home from school last night?
7/8/2003 c1 14matt15086
Great poem! I was wondering if you can review my story called Earth is under attack. THe chapters are not in order but it does have a prologue.THanks!

7/5/2003 c1 44Stormer
Wow, you really are talented aren't ya now? :) This was a true pleasure to read; funny description of a place I dont know but I totally relate to the unpleasant interior of public transport vessels - the worst is when a bus or train is really crowded. Esp. trains when you have to stand up and you can SMELL others' breath and you want to stop breathing to avoid inhaling all the horrible human fumes. Ok I'll stop rambling now :) Great lyrics! :)
7/3/2003 c1 20Once in a blue moon
Awesome imagery. I like how it's a narrative and ryhming poem. Seems like something that happens to all of us! The only thing I have a question about is "fear". Why were you afraid? Or is it meant for a different connotation and it just rhymes?

Good job!
6/19/2003 c1 11Rem
a tribute to one countrys screwed up transport system, i applaud you.

another weird thing. every story i read, i keep seeing your reviews. you either review a lot, or its some kind of spooky coincedence
6/19/2003 c1 lostinscotland
wow, this was fun to read. probably wasn't fun to experience, but great fun to read. i love the way you word everything. very nicely done!

hohum...so i was reading your profile and a review you left someone else... and wondered if i had figured out the knack for sensing the right time to break grammar rules. if you wouldn't mind, maybe you could tell me? ah, well, i leave that up to you...

excellent song!
6/17/2003 c1 13Moonie
OOh...I like! Thanks for reviewing my Elvish poem. ^_^ I don't blame you...Elvish is almost impossible to learn. I really, really like this! I don't really know what makes it so inticing to read...maybe it is the eerie effect?
6/9/2003 c1 17VladimirsAngel

I must say, I hate all forms of public transport. But this was an epic of the highways. Bravo!
6/7/2003 c1 8A-wolf-called-Skya
thats a good little song! Thanx for reviewing awhile back! i foreget if you said this or no, about asking if i would go on, but i did! thanx for reviewing before, and if your ever bored, you can read on in my story!

Great poem, i don't have any construtive critique today!

Rachel Morgan.
6/6/2003 c1 54Werecat99
I liked it. It had some wonderful images, along with some really frightening ones, if one travels a lot with busses.

And I think it should go under humor. It was very funny at times, although perhaps not intentionally.
6/4/2003 c1 RainShadow2005
Maybe your intentions weren't as such, but I found this a little humorous. Something that caught my attention was when you said that the fag smoke was making you ill. Are people allowed to smoke on your buses? Smoking is forbidden on our buses, in all restaurants that don't have a bar, and on trains and planes and basically everywhere indoors that is for commercial use.

I love the descriptions of the weather. It made me feel like I was there. The last time I rode in a public bus was when I was 8 and I have to say that I would grow rather weary of it myself if I had to endure sitting in seats 'designed for midgets with no knees' I'm also a sucker for rhymes so this poem was right up my alley.
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