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for Life is BEAUTIFUL

3/26/2004 c1 2philoslove
Oh gosh, this is simply beautiful. I love the way you describe their dance and their pure bliss is really potrayed very well. And it has a little shocker at the end. Brilliant job! It's simply beautiful.
1/7/2004 c5 3stringhopper
Ohh, your writing is beautiful! Wish I could write like you! Love the quotes, descriptions...makes me feel like i'm in another world.
11/5/2003 c1 9fugiguru
this doesn't belong here. please move it.
11/4/2003 c1 9Admiral Rupert
This isn't an essay. Move it to the General section.
11/3/2003 c5 tensai
Well, finally. A bball match. HOHOHO
10/26/2003 c1 18Sallie Beaver
My, your writing is beautiful. I have read the Waltz and loved the descriptions and the ending...a clever story. Keep it up!
9/24/2003 c1 amicusveritas
Wonderful story! And, indeed, with a twist...as a writer, I am pretty much hidebound into reality...and fantasy and the world of magic and imagination outside the box is foreign to me...thus I can admire from a distance your skill and talent to create such things...at the beginning of the second paragraph, I was going to be critical about the "rotating spotlights, enjoying..." as spotlights do not, 'enjoy', but no...it works well in the context of your story...and also, in another of your stories, you used, "bottle green" as a color description before...and that caught my eye...your description of the girls dress in the first paaragraph was marvelous...I only wish I could do as well...greatly enjoyed the story...and look forward to more, thank you, amicus...
6/24/2003 c3 13Conteuse Vivante
You have a talent for description, and the ability to capture even the smallest things of beauty in life. Keep it up!
6/23/2003 c2 5U2LoVeR
I love both of these stories. Great description. Truly wonderful.
6/7/2003 c1 7disheartenedwolf
Very nice plot and descriptions. I loved how you described the ballerina in the story. Very beautiful work.
6/3/2003 c1 2StarofDawn
This is really good giving a different perspective to the "Old people always are complaining about youth" argument.

However one mistake:

"... volcano that had erupted, spilling its larva everywhere..."

Volcanoes have bugs in them? o_0

God Bless

6/2/2003 c1 Philippa McIntyre
very good beginning but id change the ending a little bit if i were you.

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