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for Letting Go

7/26/2003 c1 11TomAfton
You are not being a "drama queen" at all. You were just expression how deeply you felt about that person. It is an excellent poem.
6/2/2003 c1 3Sailor of the Prism
That happened to me too! Just a few days ago! I`m never going to see Kara again! You don`t sound like a drama queen! your just sad cause your friend moved! I know what that pain feels like! Kara was so happy to move that I didn`t want to make her feel bad, saying don`t go, I regret no saying anything from the begening!
6/2/2003 c1 Hele
I understood your emotion, if not why you have to let this person go. And you have my uttermost sympathies. Losing a friendship is hard. It's a very good poem.

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